NEW YORK, June 18 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ -- Maximiliano Lobos never thought that some simple videos would travel so far. This young Chilean professor, 24, thought of teaching English on YouTube, and today his classes are literally traveling around the world.

This innovative course named "123 English" is found at and consists of Lobos' 90 online video classes. At the moment, thousands of people are studying the first 20 classes on YouTube, free of charge. The link to the YouTube channel is .

Lobos says he feels "very happy" to help other people with such an important need. He comments that people write to him from all over the world expressing gratitude due to good results obtained.

"A student from Miami that washed dishes in a restaurant wrote to me saying that after he studied the course, he got a pay raise and a promotion because of his great level of English," Lobos relates. "There are many people who say that they learned in one week what they couldn't learn in years."

But there are also objective numbers. On YouTube, the course shows more than two million reproductions, hundreds of positive comments and 5 star evaluations for each one of his video classes.

According to Lobos, the success of his course consists of the clarity of the explanations, using progressive logic, and the convenience of turning on the computer and beginning the study. Each class is short - not more than 10 minutes, because according to him "more time is not advised because the mind is easily distracted by the fast pace of life."

Lobos says that more than 80% of his students are Latinos in the United States.

"There is an urgent necessity among the Hispanic community to learn English and successfully assimilate into U.S. society," he explains. "This course was created to solve a fundamental problem for Hispanics living in this country and wish to prosper."
"Any person who sets out to learn English will be able to achieve proficiency in less than 4 months," promises this young teacher. According to Lobos, he invented a new methodology that will leave you "speechless."

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