MIAMI, Jan. 23 /PRNewswire/ -- Beginning this Monday, January 26, Noticias 41 will begin a special series titled: "The Motorcycles of the Cold War," or The Nostalgia of Underdevelopment, with journalist Rolando Napoles, who previously carried out a report of an exiled Cuban who was driving around the streets of Miami on a LADA motorcycle.

The report flooded our news desk with calls from more exiled Cubans in possession of other relics from the Soviet era, such as motorcycles manufactured in the socialist country. Napoles met with and interviewed them.

The series responds to three basic questions:
Chapter 1 - How did these motorcycles arrive in Miami?
Chapter 2 - What did they represent in Cuba?
Chapter 3 - Why the nostalgia for these Soviet relics?

These special series of reports from America TeVe Noticias 41 is part of the coverage from "Half a Century without a Country," which will continue covering different topics throughout the year. Noticias 41 airs twice -- the 5pm edition with Yossie Galindo and Juan Manuel Cao, and the 10pm edition with Alejandra Molina and Felix Guillermo. An hour before the rest.

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