Renowned Astrologer and Host of 'Código Astral' is New Astrologer for the Magazine

Miami, FL--(HISPANIC PR WIRE)--August 20, 2007--Mauricio Puerta, host of “Código Astral” on MEGA TV Channel 22, has been named the new astrologer for People En Español. Spanish Broadcasting System (SBS)_(NASDAQ: SBSA), which owns Mega TV, announced today that Mauricio Puerta will continue to host “Código Astral,” which airs on MEGA TV in Miami every Thursday at 9 PM.

Mauricio Puerta begins his new stint as astrologer for People En Español, with the October issue (on newsstands September 3). The magazine reaches more than six million readers every month.

When asked about this new accomplishment in his career, Mauricio responded, “I do not consider this an accomplishment, per say, I see it as part of the course of my life, which right now is taking a positive turn. As a Capricorn, I work to reach the top, but once I arrive there, another emerges in the distance. I do not go looking for opportunities. I keep going along my path and things eventually come. Everything is already written, I only interpret the opportunities I encounter to see if they are truly part of my path. In the case of People en español I am positive that this opportunity is perfectly entwined in my path. Capricorns also help themselves by helping others, and by giving to others I fulfill my mission in this life.”

For 18 years, Mauricio Puerta was a dedicated archaeologist, which led to his true calling as an astrologer by studying the stars. The shamans of the Páez community taught him new astrological theories and practices that have set him apart as one of the most important Latin American astrologers in the world.

Do not miss Mauricio Puerta in People en Español this September, and every Thursday night at 9 p.m. on Código Astral on MEGA TV, your favorite channel.

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