Cadbury Schweppes Americas Beverages Introduces Mexico’s Popular Soft Drink to Six U.S. Cities – Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Phoenix and Sacramento

Plano, TX--(HISPANIC PR WIRE)--August 30, 2007--Cadbury Schweppes Americas Beverages today announced the availability of Peñafiel, Mexico’s leading flavored soft drink, in the United States. The lightly carbonated beverage is enhanced with minerals and provides a unique light and refreshing taste. Because it is the only flavored Mexican soft drink enhanced with minerals, Peñafiel makes an ideal choice for the entire family without sacrificing the great refreshing taste of a soda.

"Peñafiel is a part of everyday life in Mexico, where it has been enjoyed for 79 years,” said Stephanie Bazan, CSAB brand manager. “We are honored to introduce Peñafiel in the United States where it is sure to evoke memories of home and a strong sense of the drink’s unique Mexican heritage.”

Peñafiel will be available in 16.9oz and 2-liter bottles in Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Phoenix and Sacramento in five varieties: an unflavored version and four delicious flavors: Pineapple, Tuti Fruti, Mandarin and Grapefruit.

Peñafiel was founded in 1928 in Tehuacán, a city 90 miles outside of Mexico City. Its distribution now reaches across Mexico and the United States.

Peñafiel is a leading brand in the beverage portfolio of Plano, Texas- based Cadbury Schweppes Americas Beverages (CSAB), a subsidiary division of Cadbury Schweppes plc (NYSE: CSG). CSAB is one of the largest producers of soft drinks and premium beverages in the Americas. CSAB's brand portfolio includes Dr Pepper, 7UP, Snapple, Mott's Apple Juice, RC Cola, A&W Root Beer, Sunkist Soda, Canada Dry, Hawaiian Punch, Schweppes, Diet Rite, Clamato, Mr & Mrs T Mixers, Holland House Mixers, Rose's, Mistic, Yoo-hoo, Orangina, IBC, Stewart's, Nantucket Nectars and other well-known consumer brands. For additional information on CSAB and its products, visit

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