1,500 Deserving Communities Win Ice Cream Parties

1,500 Deserving Communities Win Ice Cream Parties

Slow Churned Program Builds Bonds and Recognizes Hispanic Community Pillars


OAKLAND, Calif., July 1 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — For the fourth consecutive summer, 1,500 communities are each scooping up hundreds of bowls of ice cream, courtesy of Dreyer’s/Edy’s. Believing ice cream can be a sweet social connection that brings people together, sparks camaraderie and builds strength within groups, Dreyer’s/Edy’s Slow Churned Ice Cream recognized and highlighted communities which are the bedrock of our country, as well as many organizations and people, young and old, that are serving the newer underserved immigrant populations.

Between July 14 and September 15, Dreyer’s/Edy’s will deliver 18,000 cartons of ice cream (more than 200,000 scoops) to neighborhoods throughout the nation. Each winning community will receive a doorstep delivery of their favorite flavors of Slow Churned Light ice cream (enough for up to 100 people) and all the fixings (scoops, tablecloths, nametags, etc.) to host a fun and memorable party.

More than 19,000 people wrote in English or Spanish to tell Dreyer’s/Edy’s why their neighborhoods deserve a community ice cream party. The majority of entries highlighted how many groups and individuals create positive changes in their communities. Others said they wanted to celebrate for small — or large — victories.

— “At Plaza de la Raza, we like to send the messages that even though we might live in different areas and come from different backgrounds, when it comes to art, we can all learn from each other and at times collaborate to create something amazing. Living in a world where we sometimes forget that before anything else we are all human beings … why not show positive reinforcement to a community that has shown so much for not only its community but for the love of arts.” — Maria Jimenez Torres, Los Angeles

— “In West Haven, CT, accomplished Latinas are banding together to empower young inner city Latinas to combat the barriers that hold them from accomplishing their life goals. An ice-cream ‘pachanga’ could bring together young Latinas, their parents, teachers and mentors for an afternoon of ice cream in celebration of completing another year in high school. For many people, ice cream is symbolic of freedom and childhood innocence. Eating ice cream ‘wipes the slate clean’ of the difficulties these girls face daily.” — Nancy Roldan Johnson, West Haven, CT

— “Throughout the whole school year, the Alma A. Pierce teachers are committed 100% to student success. During the school day, we see them diligently working with the students, even during our afterschool tutorials. After hours, you may still see more than half of the parking lot full with teachers preparing for the following days. One would say, they have weekends to rest. Well, here at Alma A. Pierce, it is known that our Saturday mornings are spent doing extended tutorial. It is because of this, that Alma A. Pierce faculty considers their colleagues family and their work, their second home.” — Gabriela Banda, Laredo, TX

La Comunidad Comparte ice cream parties will be awarded to wonderfully diverse communities in all 50 U.S. states. Visit http://www.slowchurned.com for a complete list of winners.

Editor’s Note: To identify La Comunidad Comparte winners in your area, please contact:

Marybell Martinez at 210.244.2195 or marybell.martinez@bromcomm.com

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1,500 Deserving Communities Win Ice Cream Parties