9 Ways to Add a Little ‘Green’ When Entertaining

9 Ways to Add a Little ‘Green’ When Entertaining


NEW YORK, June 9 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — With concerns about the global climate crisis heating up, adding a little “Green” to your life can be as easy as looking at new ways to entertain friends and family this spring and summer. Fortunately, there are many ways for people to make simple and practical adjustments that can help decrease their negative impact on the environment. ABSOLUT(R) Vodka, the “world’s coolest and most iconic vodka,” has launched a campaign called ABSOLUT Global Cooling(TM) to engage the public and help educate people about this issue. As the warmer weather months approach and BBQs and summer soirees become the most enjoyable way to be with family and friends, Colombian-singing sensation, Fanny Lu, has joined to offer some eco-friendly party planning tips this season.

“If you think about it, there are many opportunities to make a difference,” says award-winning recording artist and spokesperson Fanny Lu. “I’m dedicated to spreading the word that a few small changes — even just to the ways you entertain and socialize with friends — can have a positive impact on the environment. Here are some tips I use when I entertain at home.”

1. Take the party outside and save energy! Fire up the grill and enjoy

some al fresco dining. Turn down the air conditioning, light some

votive candles and spend the night with the stars and moonlight.

2. Let your guests know it’s a green party. Plant the seeds of

environmental knowledge even before the fiesta begins. Save on paper,

by sending your invites via e-mail. Encourage people to carpool

together to come to your party. Offer door prizes to those who have

done just that.

3. Be supermarket savvy. When shopping for party supplies, switch to

re-usable grocery bags and just say no to plastic bags. Given a choice

between plastic and paper, opt for paper.

4. Go organic with food and beverages. Support local farmers and vegetable

growers by buying locally. Food that doesn’t have to ship far to make

it to your table is better for the environment. Choose organic products

that weren’t grown or manufactured using harsh chemicals. For a

refreshing and smart idea, make your cocktails with natural juices —

vodka goes great with any fresh fruit juice. ABSOLUT Naturaleza mixes

ABSOLUT Pears(R) with pineapple juice and lime juice for a fresh

cocktail for guests.

5. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! Replace paper plates, napkins and cups with

cloth napkins, dinnerware, and glasses to cut down on trash. Customize

cups with trinkets, tags, or embellishments that fit in with your party


6. A cool idea: When washing dishes and linens during and after the party,

use cold water instead of hot water. Line-dry laundry if possible.

These tips will save on electricity, which is a boon to your finances

and the environment.

7. Recycled materials are the in thing. Decorate your place and serve

drinks and appetizers on platters made from recycled materials. Bamboo

platters and place mats are better over plastic because bamboo is an

easily replenished resource. Bamboo also generates 35% more oxygen than

the same amount of trees.

8. Don’t forget to recycle! Have areas marked for your guests to discard

garbage properly.

9. For more tips, visit www.absolut.com/GlobalCooling

In addition to these entertaining ideas, you can do even more for the environment. With the “Every Sip Makes a Statement” promotion, consumers can register their bottles or cocktail codes at www.absolut.com/GlobalCooling where they will have the opportunity to activate their eco-donation to one of three eco-charity partners. The company will donate $1 per registered code for a bottle or cocktail of ABSOLUT, ABSOLUT Citron or ABSOLUT Mandrin. The charities selected were based on their creative solutions to making the Earth a “cooler place” and include The Environmental Media Association, The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation and The Ocean Foundation(TM).

For more tips, recipes and the opportunity to register, go to www.absolut.com/GlobalCooling .

9 Ways to Add a Little ‘Green’ When Entertaining