A Costume for Your Company: the Recipe for a Better Halloween

A Costume for Your Company: the Recipe for a Better Halloween


ATLANTA, Oct. 27 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — Celebrating the Day of the Dead or Halloween is a great opportunity to give new life to your products and attract new customers to your business. Your company can undertake very economical promotions with a Halloween theme such as giving away candy, putting decorations at the entrance to your business or sending postcards to customers and friends.

Another idea is to send e-mails to your company’s former and prospective clients.

One of the most economical tricks is to hang white sheets from the door of your business so they look like real ghosts.

The key is to get your customers to feel an emotional connection with your business, and festivals and holidays are an excellent opportunity to do so.

It is very important to keep handy a calendar of events that are important to your clients, and it is also essential to understand what life is like for the residents in the community where your business operates. Remember that all holidays are a great opportunity to increase sales and attract new customers to your business.

In addition to Hispanic holidays, your company can attract more clients if you keep in mind the holidays that are important in other communities. Remember that for Americans, Thanksgiving dinner is the most important holiday of the year, while the Jewish community has Hanukah, and for African Americans there is Kwanzaa.

For example, if your company is near a school, you can bring in new customers if you celebrate Teacher’s Day, or the students’ graduation, but if you are close to office buildings, it’s important to include promotions for Secretary’s Day.

Max Arrechea, a business consultant, advises Latino businessmen to learn more about the communities where they work, get to know their values, and seek practical training in how to deal with clients in a friendly way, as well as how to respond to unexpected problems or unsatisfied customers. As Arrechea points out, “We can all learn to do better each day, and to be happy with what we do so we can offer exceptional service.”

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A Costume for Your Company: the Recipe for a Better Halloween