Abasto(TM) Magazine: First to Reach Largest Audience of Hispanic Food Entrepreneurs

Abasto(TM) Magazine: First to Reach Largest Audience of Hispanic Food Entrepreneurs

Applies for BPA Worldwide Membership for Circulation Audit


WINSTON-SALEM, N.C., Oct. 20 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — Abasto Magazine announced recently its singular ability to reach 42,000 Hispanic Food Entrepreneurs across the U.S. This milestone is the direct result of the organization’s purpose: Find where the business owners and managers are throughout the supply chain for the Hispanic Food Industry, and then help them grow their business, according to Abasto’s Editor In Chief Francisco Camara-Riess.

“We knew there were thousands and thousands of people running businesses in Hispanic foods that were untapped,” Camara-Riess continued. “Our first task was to make sure we were getting to all the right people – so our market research department spent an enormous amount of time doing that very thing. Believe me, it was a huge task.

“But it’s paid off. The responses from our first issues proved our point,” Camara-Riess explained. “From an editorial point of view, we were stunned to see the kind of positive response from our articles. Just as important, our advertisers were thrilled with the responses they received from their ads,” he stated. “We couldn’t be more pleased.”

The market research department was scrupulous to make sure that all regions of the United States were strongly represented, according to Market Research Director Justin Chin.

Five regions were identified, with the following percentage breakdown of total circulation:

— Northeast……..10%

— Southeast……..17%

— North Central….12%

— South Central….21%

— West………….40%

Publisher Dan Calhoun knew that Abasto needed to have this unique circulation base audited by a third party. So the company immediately applied for a BPA Worldwide Business Publication Membership. “The strong growth of Abasto magazine has made it a perfect time to apply for membership,” said Calhoun. “We wanted a reputable partner to validate our statements to show our commitment to readers and our advertisers,” he stated.

BPA Worldwide will track circulation based on business/distribution, demographics and geographic coverage. Abasto will have twelve (12) months to complete its initial circulation audit.

Published monthly in Spanish, Abasto is the first and only business guide to help owners and managers in the Hispanic food industry to develop new ways to increase profits, according to Calhoun.

“Abasto was developed because we knew there was a communication gap with most of the people in the Hispanic food industry,” explained Calhoun. “We knew we needed to build a new community of commerce for this industry. In any economy it’s important to leverage new ways to increase sales – and it is even more critical in today’s economy. We’re gratified to see that what we thought would happen is actually taking place.”

Updates are available on AbastoOnline.com.

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Abasto(TM) Magazine: First to Reach Largest Audience of Hispanic Food Entrepreneurs