Soap Opera Actor Alex Baldeon Records Album

Soap Opera Actor Alex Baldeon Records Album


Beverly Hills, CA–(HISPANIC PR WIRE – US Newswire)–April 20–Actor Alex Baldeon has abandoned acting for the moment as he turns to his true love… music. He currently is recording his first demo which he hopes will land him a decent recording deal with a creative and respectful record company.

The actor/singer who was last seen on the hit CBS Soap opera “Guiding Light” is currently writing and recording his melodic/pop rock tunes under the direction of music producer Pete Masitti, who’s written and produced hits for musicians Hootie & The Blowish, Danny Wood, Julio Iglesias, and Julio Iglesias Jr and many more.

“I love working with Pete Masitti, he is very talented and totally understands my music, he is the Producer I’ve been looking to work with for the past year” says Alex Baldeon. He continues, “When I first announced last year that I would be recording a demo, several independent labels offered me deals, but I didn’t want to just sign any deal, I want to finish my demo and have all the labels listen to what I have to offer.”

Baldeon’s first album will be 50 percent in Spanish and 50 percent in English, all melodic rock and pop with a couple of ballads for the ladies. As for returning to acting, he has been recently approached by the talent department at Televisa in Mexico to possibly appear on a Mexican produced Soap Opera (Telenovela) in 2006, Baldeon’s manager Ruben Malaret has promised Televisa that once a music deal is set, Alex Baldeon would love to work on a Telenovela provided his music can be part of the program.

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Soap Opera Actor Alex Baldeon Records Album