AdCalls Launches Worldwide Ad-Supported VoIP

AdCalls Launches Worldwide Ad-Supported VoIP


Aliso Viejo, CA/Toronto, Canada–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–September 12, 2007–AdCalls Inc., a California-based Internet advertising company which offers ad-supported VoIP (Voice Over the Internet Protocol), has announced a strategic worldwide alliance with Beyond Phone, an industry leader in VoIP and managed services for medium to large service providers around the globe.

Utilizing the patent-pending AdCalls Dialer, Beyond Phone by AdCalls will now offer PC-to-Phone to any home phone, cell phone or business phone, in any country in the world.

Worldwide phone-to-phone (automatic number identification-ANI & pin-based) dialing is now available in the U.S. and Canada with expansion throughout Europe within the next 90 days.

The AdCalls Dialer can now be installed free anywhere in the world, and can be used to call any phone in any country in the world. With the ad-supported business model, users can receive up to 60 minutes of free, worldwide calling supported by local, national and international advertisers.

This free calling program is expected to attract 3-5 million registered users in the next 12 months. All users will also have access to the many other products offered by Beyond Phone by AdCalls (

AdCalls is fast becoming the leading provider of Internet-based technology solutions that enable any business to deliver secure static, flash and movie advertisements to demographically targeted consumers. The AdCalls network is 100 percent permission-based, with zero tolerance for spam or other forms of unwanted messaging.

“Our system provides a powerful and exclusive network of viewers and advertisers exchanging special rewards and incentives through a highly trained and fast growing marketing sales force,” said Al Krauza, president of AdCalls.

“This is supported by our seamless infrastructure of systems and networks, Web-enabled multimedia, interactive communications applications and quality global customer-care services. The AdCalls World-Wide Dialer’s patent-pending business process is powered by a global access control center that boasts a dual OC-48 Internet pipeline that can deliver over 10 billion targeted static, flash and movie advertisements worldwide each month,” said Krauza.

AdCalls offers two proprietary packages to businesses of any size, the Advertiser Package for $795 and the Private Label Package for $4,995. With either package, businesses can give away an unlimited number of free, worldwide dialers to clients, customers and prospects. When the dialers are installed, the business captures the profile of anyone installing the dialer, in addition to the business name being imbedded onto the computer desktop.

When the dialer is activated, the user is looking at the business name on the dialer, viewing a 20-second flash commercial and rotating ads while making worldwide calls.

“AdCalls has created the personification of CRM (Customer Relationship Marketing),” stated Krauza. “Give the customers what they need, free long-distance, and they will give you their profile information and look at your name branded on their desktop, dialer and ads.”

The AdCalls ad-supported business model is growth-driven. More advertisers create more dialer users, and the user referral program exponentially explodes the user base, which in turn attracts more advertisers—a perfect business growth cycle.

Utilizing a sales force of trained agency owners, AdCalls expects to be selling advertisers and private labels in more than 150 countries by the end of this year.

To receive 60 minutes of free calls worldwide, please go to:

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Founded in 2001 by Al Krauza, president and Jim Ferras, CEO, AdCalls Inc, a VoIP and advertising company, is based in Aliso Viejo, Calif. and has Agency Owners around the world. Since its inception, AdCalls has taken great pride in being “ a customer service fanatic” while establishing itself as a global leader in the online advertising channels of independent Agency Owners marketing and managed search. Al Krauza can be reached at: (949) 305-3050 or:

AdCalls Launches Worldwide Ad-Supported VoIP