Take a Walk on the Wild Side During a Brand New Season...

Take a Walk on the Wild Side During a Brand New Season of Hora Salvaje on Discovery en Espanol

The Expedition Begins in August, with Programming that will Awaken the Explorer in You!


MIAMI, July 27 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — Beginning August 9, Discovery en Espanol unleashes its wild side, with an exciting season of Hora Salvaje. The popular programming block delves into natures most fascinating and sometimes deadliest of creatures, placing audiences right in the thick of the action. This vivid expedition into natures most amazing habitats airs every Monday through Friday at 8 PM ET / 9 PM PT on Discovery en Espanol.

Each week, the Hora Salvaje block brings nature and its marvels to life and also reveals its dangerous and darker side, where even a hunter can become prey. Never before viewed curiosities are captured and brought into viewers living rooms, allowing them to experience various thrilling explorations deep into the world of nature. The new line-up of programming is sure to inspire fear, excitement and wonder as every single moment is filled with surprises and new discoveries that define the amazing planet in which we live.

With the unmistakable seal of Discovery en Espanol and utilizing the latest cinematographic and film techniques, what follows is a look at the series that form part of this exciting new season.

Human Prey – starting on 08/09, Mondays at 8 PM ET/ 9 PM PT

The fear of being attacked and eaten alive by a wild animal is a primeval, deeply rooted, universal dread. Its the stuff of fairy tales, horror films and nightmares. But for some people its not a dream. Its a terrifying reality. This series tells the harrowing stories of real people who have been viciously attacked by wild animals and lived to tell the tale.

Ranging Planet (season 2) – starting on 08/10, Tuesdays at 8 PM ET/ 9 PM PT

The ultimate weather and geology spectacular, built round a backbone of fascinating science. The power and the beauty of the most magnificent natural phenomena are central to this series. Viewers are transported to the ends of the earth to witness stunning images of eruptions, storms, floods and fires. Each episode emphasizes specific events and showcases how these gargantuan forces have contributed to the creation of the natural world as we know it.

Into the Pride – starting on 08/11, Wednesdays at 8 PM ET/ 9 PM PT

With the possibility of quick death pervading his every move, the program features charismatic big cat expert Dave Salmoni as he spends a year in Africas Kalahari Desert with a pride of lions. Armed with only a walking stick, Salmoni will hunt, sleep and talk with the lions sharing in the births, deaths and day-to-day emotions of the pride. The risks and challenges to Salmoni are immediate. He needs to get close to these felines to win their trust, in spite of the mortal risk that it entails.

River Monsters – starting on 08/12, Thursdays at 8 PM ET/ 9 PM PT

What “Jaws” did for a swim in the ocean, River Monsters could do for a dip in river. If you want to see the strangest, largest most dangerous and elusive beasts of the deep, then you have to go to the worlds murkiest rivers and lakes. Ecologist, adventurer, anthropologist and angler extraordinaire Jeremy Wade will be doing just that as he immerses himself not just in the waters to search for fresh-water behemoths, but in the local cultures and traditions surrounding these monsters, some of them flesh eaters.

Night – starting on 08/13, Fridays at 8 PM ET/ 9 PM PT

Since the dawn of time man has feared…when the lights go out. Tapping into our most primal fears, this unique series will take viewers into the darkest night to experience the wonder and terror of nocturnal nature and all its animal activities.

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Take a Walk on the Wild Side During a Brand New Season of Hora Salvaje on Discovery en Espanol