defends the rights of Venezuelans in South Florida to vote by... defends the rights of Venezuelans in South Florida to vote by organizing a not-for-profit air-bridge solution between Miami and New Orleans

Absence of a Miami Polling Station creates voting dilemma


MIAMI, Sept. 19, 2012 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — was created in June 2012 after the National Electoral Center (CNE) of Venezuela arbitrarily chose not to open a polling station in Miami for 19,542 registered voters to cast their vote in the upcoming October 7th national Venezuelan Presidential election being held on October 7th. A small, dedicated group of Venezuelans based in Miami chose to create in order to help as many registered voters as possible exercise their democratic right to cast their vote at the newly assigned official polling station, in New Orleans, Louisiana. While most American voters can cast a vote within a few miles of home, any registered Venezuelan voter in Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas is left little choice now but to travel nearly 1600 miles in order to have their voice heard, and their vote counted.

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“It is our intention to raise funds that will support flying as many registered Venezuelan voters as possible from Miami to New Orleans and back on Election Day–essentially creating an air-bridge. We are patriotically driven to step aside from our daily professional and personal commitments because we strongly believe every Venezuelan should have access to exercise this vitally important democratic right.” states Andrew E. Morrison. “This is a travesty of democratic justice being propagated for no apparent reason.”

Co-founder, Andres E. Casanova, shares, “In addition to providing as many voters the opportunity to participate in the Venezuelan Presidential election on October 7th, we also want to send a clear message to the government of Venezuela and other democracies around the world that the Venezuelan voting population in South Eastern United States feels alienated and disrespected by this decision to move our polling station and that is a clear violation of Article 127 of the Venezuelan Electoral Law.”

Miami is the largest Venezuelan polling station in the world, with nearly 20,000 people registered to vote who are now burdened by the challenging constraints of time and financial investment to travel nearly 1500 miles by car, bus or plane in order to cast their vote at the official polling station in New Orleans. There are approximately 100,000 Venezuelans living outside Venezuela who are registered to vote, 20% of which live in South Florida.

Since its creation in June, has set a goal of raising enough money to provide air transport for as many voters as possible from Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas to fly to New Orleans on the day of the National Venezuelan Presidential elections, October 7th. As of the date of this release, over $183,250 dollars have been raised to fly voters to New Orleans and cast their vote. specifically intends to assist voters who may not have the time, money or could be facing other challenges, including health issues, which would not allow them to drive or take a bus. Round-trip travel time between Miami and New Orleans is 28 to 32 hours by land. The air-bridge, which operates on a first-come, first-serve basis, provides a seat to voters who submit their application, thus eliminating these time and financial constraints. is seeking personal and corporate donations, sponsorships and in-kind services from all who can help. To learn more about the organization, please see, follow our Twitter feed @Aerovotar, on or send us an email to

AEROVOTAR co-founders have created a transparent, crowd-funded platform for collaboration in providing part of the solution for concerned Venezuelans who want their vote and voice to be heard. The non-profit organization is staffed by volunteers that are determined to help voters of all parties have access to exercise their constitutionally guaranteed right to vote. According to Article 127 of the Venezuelan Electoral Law, “no person whose name appears in the Electoral Registry shall be denied the right to vote”.

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SOURCE defends the rights of Venezuelans in South Florida to vote by organizing a not-for-profit air-bridge solution between Miami and New Orleans