The Moment is Now: Xbox 360 Available for New Price of $199

The Moment is Now: Xbox 360 Available for New Price of $199

Commitment to Family Entertainment Includes Xbox 360 Family Game of the Month


REDMOND, Wash., Sept. 5 /PRNewswire/ — Imagine if your family and friends had the ability to instantly watch movies from Netflix, never miss the latest episode of “Ugly Betty”, live out their musical fantasies through “Rock Band 2” (Harmonix/MTV Games) and the new singing game “Lips” (iNiS Corp./Microsoft Game Studios) or be the star of their own Hollywood classics with “You’re in the Movies” (Zoe Mode/Microsoft Game Studios) — all with one device that connects to your television set, starting at $199.* That device is Xbox 360, and Microsoft Corp. today announced it will offer the gaming and entertainment console, which offers the leading Xbox LIVE service, at a new low price in the United States.

Beginning today, Xbox 360 Arcade will retail for the estimated retail price of $199.99, the Xbox 360 console for $299.99 and Xbox 360 Elite for $399.99.

As part of its commitment to make social, safe and fun entertainment available to more families in America at this time, Microsoft has also selected “Viva Pinata(TM): Trouble in Paradise” as the Xbox 360 Family Game of the Month for September 2008. Rated ‘E’ for Everyone, this new cartoon game is also being released this week.

This exciting sequel to the best-selling game “Viva Pinata” is available only on Xbox 360 and features 32 new species of colorful pinata animals, a new tool with which players can teach their pinatas tricks, and “Pinata Vision” that let players drop objects directly into a game simply by scanning cards with an Xbox LIVE(R) Vision camera. What’s more, family members and friends can plug in an extra controller and join the excitement.

“We are delighted to be the first next-generation console on the market to reach $199, a price that invites everyone to enjoy Xbox 360”, said Maru Zamora, Multicultural Marketing Manager at Microsoft. “Our commitment to families also includes a library of 200 games that are rated ‘E’ for Everyone such as the soon-to-be-released ‘Lego Batman’ (Traveller’s Tales/Warner Bros.) or ‘T’ for Teenagers such as ‘Guitar Hero(R) III: Legends of Rock’ (Neversoft/RedOctane/Activision). In addition, parental controls in the Family Settings on Xbox 360 allow parents such as me and caregivers to decide what games their kids can play, for how long they play, who they can interact with online, and what movies they can watch.”

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* Games and content sold separately. Netflix requires Xbox LIVE Gold Membership and Netflix unlimited plan, both sold separately.

The Moment is Now: Xbox 360 Available for New Price of $199