airforce Nutrisoda, The Soda That’s Good For You!

airforce Nutrisoda, The Soda That’s Good For You!


Minneapolis, MN–(HISPANIC PR WIRE – BUSINESS WIRE)–July 27, 2007–Actually, you are what you drink, so move beyond empty calories and enjoy a soda that’s actually good for you. Ardea Beverage Company, makers of nutrient-enhanced airforce(R) Nutrisoda(R) is dedicated to supporting delicious, healthy beverage choices and a healthy lifestyle. Good for you and good to drink, Nutrisoda is the Good Soda.

Each of the eight airforce Nutrisoda flavors have zero sugar, zero sodium, zero caffeine, zero aspartame and zero to few calories. airforce Nutrisoda combines meaningful levels of vital nutrients now including vitamins, minerals, amino acids and even fiber, that can help people lead active, healthy lives. Nutrisoda also contains natural fruit flavors in tropical flavor combinations, natural colors and uses water that is filtered four times for extra purity.

The increasing prevalence of health related problems such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease in the U.S. is a mounting health concern. Choosing a healthy and delicious alternative is a big step in reducing calories, sugar and sodium.

Leading more healthy lifestyles is increasingly important within the Hispanic community, a population group twice as likely to develop diabetes, according to the American Diabetes Association. In fact, the prevalence of diabetes is at least two to four times higher among Hispanic and Latino American women than the general non-Hispanic white female population. For people with diabetes, airforce Nutrisoda combines meaningful levels of vital nutrients that may help balance blood glucose levels, may improve insulin sensitivity and help with other complications associated with diabetes

Recently exempted from the soda water category of “foods of minimal nutritional value” for sale in schools Nutrisoda can provide students a healthy and delicious alternative to sugar or caffeine-laden beverages. “Drinking one can of Immune offers the same amount of folic acid found in two cups of raw spinach, the same quantity of Vitamin B12 in 9 ounces of salmon, and the same amount of the antioxidant selenium in four ounces of canned tuna,” said Jennifer Ashley, registered dietitian and director of wellness for Ardea Beverage Company. Indeed in a recent controlled case study in the Cherokee County school district in South Carolina 100 students who drank Focus Nutrisoda over a 90 day period improved their standardized test results by 8.9% over the previous year. Intelligent refreshment in action.

Following the recent publication of the Camino Magico Latino Food Guide developed by the Oldways nutrition group, Nutrisoda hopes to complement new initiatives to provide healthy lifestyle solutions for the Hispanic Nutrisoda recently launched their complete Spanish Web site. The Spanish version of makes accessible all Nutrisoda nutrient-enhanced sodas, health & wellness tips, nutritional information, diabetes resources, fun elixir recipes and much more to the Hispanic community. Spanish speakers can visit the site at and click on the Spanish flag.

About airforce(R) Nutrisoda(R)

Introduced in 2004, airforce(R) Nutrisoda(R), targets on-the-go, nutritionally-aware people who also enjoy new experiences and discovering new products. Each of the eight flavors within the portfolio feature striking packaging and contain leading edge nutrients formulated to achieve a specific wellness benefit. The products have zero sugar, zero aspartame, zero sodium and zero to few calories, appealing to fashion, food & health-conscious consumers. The Nutrisoda line includes: Immune, Energize, Flex, Focus, Calm, Radiant, Slender and Renew.

airforce(R) Nutrisoda(R) is available nationwide at schools, colleges and select retail stores, fine grocers, national airports, hotels, cruise lines, restaurants, clubs, spa locations and online. With a strong commitment to social and environmental causes, airforce Nutrisoda tastes good, looks good, and does good. Call us the Good Soda.

About Ardea Beverage Company

The Ardea Beverage Company is dedicated to the development and marketing of nutrient enhanced sodas that deliver a health and wellness benefit in a safe, delicious and convenient format. The company is based in Minneapolis, Minn. For more information please visit,


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airforce Nutrisoda, The Soda That’s Good For You!