Americas United Bank Appoints Amada (Amy) Navarette

Americas United Bank Appoints Amada (Amy) Navarette

AUB Hires Respected Banker for Vice President & Branch Manager Position


Glendale, CA–(HISPANIC PR WIRE – BUSINESS WIRE)–April 25, 2007–Americas United Bank (AUB) is pleased to announce the appointment of Amy Navarette to the position of Vice President & Branch Manager. Amy’s intuitive intelligence, friendly nature and people skills have made her a valuable addition for the first primarily Hispanic-owned bank to open in the state of California for more than 30 years. AUB’s CEO and President Gil Dalmau announced Navarette’s appointment today. “From day one, AUB has been building an incredible team of experienced and knowledgeable industry leaders. Amy is a fantastic addition to our staff.”

Amy brings two decades of financial services’ industry experience to AUB. Her previous employers have included US Bank, First Commerce Bank, California United Bank and several other notable institutions. “AUB is the place to be in the industry today,” says Navarette succinctly. “Throughout my professional career, I have considered myself to be a woman of service and an educator. My work makes dreams come true and I love that. AUB is an excellent place to be to accomplish that goal. There are so many great people at AUB with much to offer. I look forward to the many years of experience that I will gain at AUB.”

About Amy Navarette:

Navarette sites her mother as a major influence and driving force in her life. Her father passed away at the age of 9 leaving her mother with 15 children, a family ranch, a grocery store and a lifetime of challenges. “My mother has been the cornerstone of our family. The traditions, customs and faith has been passed on to all of us and my mother is the reason this happened. My favorite saying from her is `Economy is the base of wealth.’ `La economia es la base de la riqueza.'”

Navarette’s deep-rooted sense of family and passion for Hispanic culture (she was born in Jalisco, Mexico) makes her a perfect fit for this Hispanic-focused business bank. She has been married to her husband Victor for 18 years, and has one beautiful little mermaid, Arielle, who is 9 years old. Her personal interests include dancing traditional Mexican Folklorico dances. In addition, Navarette has been a dance Instructor for more than 20 years and is passing on the tradition of the dance to many young women like Amy.

Navarette’s Community Involvement represents an incredible array of interests including: Director and Choreographer for the Ballet Folklorico Mexico Azteca, California State Assembly (2004-2005) where she was the Co-Chair for the 43rd District Latino Community Task Force, the Glendale Chamber of Commerce – where she is Chair for the Ambassador Committee, she’s a Director and Member of the Glendale Latino Association, Member of the Los Angeles Latino Task Force for the FDIC, a member of the Latino Business Association, a Member of the Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility and an Instructor for the Olvera Street Merchants Association Foundation.

About Americas United Bank

Americas United Bank (AUB) opened its doors for business in Glendale, California as a State Chartered financial institution on November 6, 2006. It is the first primarily Hispanic owned bank to open in the state of California in over thirty years.

Founded by a group of respected and successful business leaders (primarily from the Hispanic community), AUB is a full-service commercial bank that provides business and personal banking products and services, including business and commercial real estate loans, SBA loans, lines of credit, corporate debit & credit cards, merchant card processing, international trade solutions, and more.

AUB’s founders understand from first-hand experience that locally-owned banks with local decision-making power are critical to business growth. AUB represents the bridge between companies and their business dreams. It provides the working capital they need to succeed in addition to offering attractive loan terms that make expansion and capital improvements more feasible. AUB is a bank made up of business people for business people. The business-minded founders of AUB recognize that the bank’s success will be driven by the success of its customers.

For more information on the Bank, please visit or call 818-637-7000.

Americas United Bank Appoints Amada (Amy) Navarette