NAHP Widens Participation to Hispanic Serving Publications

NAHP Widens Participation to Hispanic Serving Publications


Washington, DC–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–December 15, 2005–A change in the Bylaws by the National Association of Hispanic Publications, Inc. (NAHP), with respect to Spanish and bilingual publications who are not Hispanic-owned, has created the opportunity for these publications to join as active General Members.

“In a country where there is a free market economy, we cannot stop the creation of media companies who intend to enter the burgeoning Hispanic market, especially when they represent a source of employment for Hispanics, for those who have great editorial talent and for those with specialized drive in advertising or graphic design,” expressed Lupita Colmenero, President of the NAHP.

The admission of these publications is subject to Hispanic community sensitivities and industry good paractices, such as having a majority of Hispanic employees and a Hispanic editor. The publication also must be audited. Those publications that do not meet these requirements can become “Associate” members stated Ms. Colmenero.

“The unanimous decision was taken in Dallas, TX during an NAHP Board of Directors meeting. The NAHP is the leading media advocacy group of its kind in the United States with a mission to promote the excellence, recognition and use of Hispanic publications and provide access to professional development opportunities to better serve and empower Hispanic communities,” added Colmenero.

“The core of the amendment will allow non-Hispanic owned publications to become active members. It was an on-going request and desire of these associate publications. Independent of the decision of the Board of Directors, the very act of putting this topic on the table for discussion was a major step forward for the organization. It was our historical responsibility,” stated Jose Luis B. Garza, Vice President for Membership of the NAHP.

Mr. Garza went on to say that the decision was extensively discussed within the organization and among the Board of Directors of the Association, which had previously solicited and received comments and reports from Miguel Blanco, Chairman of the Bylaws Committee and Oscar Reyes, Membership Director, and member publications.

The NAHP is launching an intensive national membership campaign to invite all Hispanic publications to join the organization The number of these publications is increasing so rapidly that government, corporations and ad agencies are increasingly recognizing the return Hispanic print media offers. This organizational change will allow all publications serving the Hispanic community and meeting other good business standards, to be admited as General Members on a par with Hispanic-owned publications.

Under the leadership of Lupita Colmenero, President of the NAHP, this critical step repositions the organization to better manage rapid changes taking place in the Hispanic print industry, especially with Spanish-language publications. The growing buying power of the Hispanic population in the United States is simple driving the creation of new media outlets to serve Hispanic consumers.

It is well recognized that the market has become so consequential that general market media corporations are investing in creating whole new Spanish-language publications, following in the footsteps of the small group of entrepeneurial publishers that forged this market and created the NAHP.

Ms. Colmenero said that the Association has embraced this new challenge and sees a rich new opportunity, and that the decision of the Board of Directors to admit these reputable, Hispanic serving publications is a positive step towards consolidation of the Association’s position as the undisputed leader of the Hispanic media market.

“With this step, our mission of serving Hispanic-owned publications will not be weakened, it will be reinforced,” affirmed Lupita Colmenero.

For more information about the Bylaws changes or the NAHP, please contact Oscar Reyes at 202-662-7250, or via e-mail at .

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NAHP Widens Participation to Hispanic Serving Publications