Amway Honors Heroes

Amway Honors Heroes

Amway 2013 Hero Awards Presented to Exceptional Examples of Generosity, Leadership, Patriotism and Determination


ADA, Mich., Feb. 28, 2014 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — Hundreds of Amway
Independent Business Owners (IBOs) give their time and resources to have a
positive impact on the world. To recognize these efforts Amway North America has
proudly announced the recipients of the fourth annual Amway Hero Awards for
generosity, leadership, patriotism and determination.


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Hero Award for Generosity


Through countless donations of their time and resources, Jody and Kathy Victor
have set a powerful example of how strong leadership and generosity can make a
difference. “It doesn’t matter if it’s a little or a lot. It makes a difference
in your life – and in the lives of others.” This compassionate couple from
Canton, Ohio is actively involved in both national and local organizations and
has shown that giving back is a true family value. Their passion for
philanthropy has supported causes like the American Heart Association, a
scholarship fund at Ohio State University and a local baseball program for their
community. Jody is also one of the founders of The U.S. Dream Academy, a cause
especially close to their hearts. They both actively support the afterschool and
mentoring programs that the U.S. Dream Academy provides, focused on empowering
at-risk children.  For decades of quiet philanthropy and making a lasting
difference Jody and Kathy Victor have been awarded the 2013 Amway Hero Award for


Hero Award for Leadership


one of eight children, Bill Britt quickly developed the leadership skills that
would support him as he enlisted in the army, served as the Assistant City
Manager of Raleigh and then the City Manager of both Sanford and Goldsboro,
North Carolina. Peggy realized these strong qualities and saw Bill’s potential
as a leader when they met. Peggy was the quiet strength and support behind
Bill’s success. Together they built their Amway business for 43 years and became
leaders of leaders, creating one of the largest global IBO networks in Amway.
Sadly, Bill passed away last January but he is survived by generations of
leaders that will continue his legacy. “Bill always said the meaning of success
was if one person, or a situation, was better off because he was there.” For
their amazing ability to create leaders and improve the lives of others around
the world, Bill and Peggy Britt are the recipients of the 2013 Amway Hero Award
for Leadership.


Hero Award for Patriotism


the son and grandson of veterans, Lynn Burnett always knew his passion was to
serve his country. After serving several roles in the U.S. Army for 13 years and
rising to the rank of Captain, Lynn left the military but has continued to serve
his country. “I wanted to impact people’s lives in a positive way and serve my
country again,” he says.  As a family the Burnetts volunteer and support
soldiers and their families at a local USO in Federal Way, Washington. Still he
insists he is not a hero but rather a patriot. As Lynn continues to build his
Amway business he points out the patriotism that he finds in Amway. “You can
have personal freedom, like we do in America, yet not have the economic freedom
to take advantage of it. You need to have personal freedom and economic freedom.
That’s what Amway is all about.” For his humble service to America, Lynn Burnett
is the recipient of the 2013 Amway Hero Award for Patriotism.


Hero Award for Determination


Renee DiSilva has endured more tragedy in the last decade alone than most of us
will face in a lifetime. One year ago, following the untimely death of both of
her parents, Renee’s husband Alan, the love of her life, was killed in an
accident. “I had a choice of whether I’d let this end my life. Whether I’d do
nothing and let it defeat me. But I want to be an example of being able to
overcome. I want to be strong.” Alan and Renee had built their family business
while raising their two children in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. After losing
Alan, Renee allowed the Amway family business to slow down. Unexpectedly her
team’s participation in the BODYKEY by NUTRILITE™ 90-Day Weight Loss Challenge
motivated her and renewed her goal to become a Diamond in her Amway business.
She is determined to be an inspiration to her team and her children who helped
her through the hard times. For her inspiring ability to persevere and become an
example of courage and strength, Renee DiSilva is the recipient of the 2013
Amway Hero Award for Determination.


honorees of the 2013 Amway Hero Awards were chosen by an independent panel of
judges whose backgrounds include foundation work, the not-for-profit sector,
community agencies and the ministry, from among hundreds of nominations.



Amway is one of the largest direct selling businesses in the world. In 2013 Amway reported global sales of $11.8 billion, a record for the organization. Founded in 1959 and based in Ada, Michigan, Amway offers consumer products and business opportunities in more than 100 countries and territories worldwide. The
top-selling brands for Amway are Nutrilite® vitamin, mineral and dietary
supplements, Artistry® skincare and colour cosmetics, and eSpring® water
treatment systems.




Amway Honors Heroes