Angélica Vale ‘La fea más bella’ Encourages Hispanics to be ‘Healthy to...

Angélica Vale ‘La fea más bella’ Encourages Hispanics to be ‘Healthy to the Bone’


–(HISPANIC PR WIRE – CONTEXTO LATINO)–Milk is a key component of a person’s daily diet, delivering important vitamins and nutrients, like calcium and vitamin D, needed for bone health. However, there are few varieties of milk available for the estimated 75% percent of Hispanics who are lactose intolerant and experience stomach discomfort after consuming dairy based products. Farm fresh LACTAID(R) Milk is lactose-free and is derived from cows untreated with the artificial growth hormone, rBST*.

Actress, singer and comedienne Angelica Vale has joined LACTAID(R) Milk, the nation’s #1 lactose-free milk brand, to educate lactose intolerant Hispanics about the importance of calcium and vitamin D and the products available to help manage symptoms easily and effectively. “I am lactose intolerant and used to avoid dairy because I did not want the stomach discomfort that followed,” said Vale.

People who are lactose intolerant – a condition where the body is deficient in the lactase enzyme which breaks down lactose, the milk sugar in dairy foods and beverages – often avoid dairy products altogether. According to the National Institutes of Health, Hispanic women consume less calcium than the recommended daily amount across all age groups – 1,000 mg/day for women between 19 and 50 years, 1200mg/day for all women over age 50. As a result, these women run a higher risk of nutrient deficiencies that may affect bone health and lead to related conditions later in life.

Vale continued, “Over the years, I have realized that avoiding dairy can put me at risk [dairy puts me at greater risk – MAS] for osteoporosis. LACTAID(R) products help me manage my lactose intolerance without eliminating dairy from my diet, putting my mind at ease about my bone health now and in the future. I also love that I can still enjoy my favorite foods with family and friends.”

Healthy Ideas

LACTAID(R) Milk is real, farm fresh milk that is 100% lactose free so it is easy to digest. LACTAID(R) Fast Act Dietary Supplements contain a lactase enzyme that breaks down lactose into easily digested simple sugars. This makes it easy for lactose-intolerant individuals to include dairy in their diets and get important nutrients needed for bone health. LACTAID(R) Brand products are available at most food, drug and mass stores nationwide. For more information, call 1-888-466-8746 or visit

* No significant difference has been shown between milk derived from rBST- treated and non-rBST treated cows.

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Angélica Vale ‘La fea más bella’ Encourages Hispanics to be ‘Healthy to the Bone’