Harmony and a Piece; New Pizza Hut(R) 4forALL(TM) Pizza ends the Great...

Harmony and a Piece; New Pizza Hut(R) 4forALL(TM) Pizza ends the Great Topping Debate

Four Individually Topped Pizzas in One Box Give All Family Members Exactly What They Want


DALLAS, TX–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–February 10, 2004–Agreeing on which toppings to order on a pizza as a family can be as tricky as negotiating a peace treaty: what if mom likes veggies, dad prefers pepperoni and the kids go for cheese? Similar debates take place in offices, college dorms and every imaginable gathering of multiple people deliberating the order of a shared pizza. Although pizza is the ultimate food for sharing, coming to a consensus on the toppings can be the ultimate dilemma. Until now.

Pizza Hut, Inc. has licked the great pizza-topping conundrum with the introduction of the 4forALL(TM) Pizza, the first of its kind which debuts Monday, January 26, 2004, at participating Pizza Hut(R) locations across the United States. The 4forALL Pizza is four, individually topped, six-inch square pizzas in a single box for $11.99. Each of the four pizzas is sliced into four pieces, for a total of 16 slices. The not-too-thin, not-too-thick 4forALL Pizza crust comes with a choice of up to three individual toppings or specialty pizza toppings on each of the four pizzas. The 4forALL Pizza offers a mind-boggling 6 million possible combinations.

According to Cindy Davis, Pizza Hut vice president of national marketing, the 4forALL Pizza is another important “first” from the company and one that provides a solution to a very real problem for customers – especially moms looking for a family meal that will please everyone.

“Pizza is America’s favorite food, but research shows everyone wants their favorite toppings,” said Davis. “People have very specific preferences when it comes to toppings. Even when pizza is the favorite meal choice for everyone in the family, if there’s a lot of disagreement about toppings it can be tough to please everyone,” she explained.

According to Davis, until now the industry standard for addressing the topping feud has been the “half and half” pizza. But, she says, two topping choices are often inadequate.

“Our research found that 87 percent of Americans said that everybody in the family is happiest when they get their favorite pizza toppings,” said Davis. “However, one half of Americans agree that when ordering pizza for their family, they have to compromise on toppings and therefore not everyone gets what they want,” she added.

Davis says the 4forALL Pizza also allows families who can’t resolve their topping differences to put pizza back on the list.

“Now, when the topping debate gets really heated, mom can make everyone happy by ordering 4forALL” said Davis. “The 4forALL Pizza means no one in the family has to compromise on toppings. Our quantitative research found that 75 percent of people said the reason they wanted to try 4forALL was so that they didn’t have to compromise on toppings and everyone could get what they wanted. It’s a significant reason for moms and families to choose Pizza Hut,” she commented.

Davis also points out that because the 4forALL Pizza is four, individual pizzas in a single box, there’s no mingling of toppings, unless of course the customer wants it that way. People who don’t like mushrooms or anchovies don’t want to pick them off their pizza and they don’t even like them touching the sides of their slice, according to Davis.

“The 4forALL Pizza will finally bring peace and harmony to the dinner table and put an end to the great topping debate,” she said.

The 4forALL Pizza is offered at participating Pizza Hut restaurants for dine-in, carryout or delivery, where available, at a single size and price. Customers can choose up to three toppings for each of the four pizzas, or one or more of the company’s specialty pizza toppings – Meat Lover’s(R), Veggie Lover’s(R), Cheese Lover’s Plus(R) or Supreme.

Pizza Hut, Inc. is supporting the 4forALL Pizza launch with a national marketing campaign, including television, print and radio advertising, in-restaurant point of purchase materials and online initiatives.

A Focus on Family…Since 1958

The 4forALL Pizza was developed with families in mind, by a company that knows something about families. As a matter of fact, the company is rooted in family – literally – and has been for the past 46 years. Two brothers, mom and $600 turned a single pizza parlor in Kansas into the recipe for the world’s largest pizza restaurant company. For decades, Pizza Hut has led the industry with product introductions and excellent taste – and the 4forALL Pizza continues that heritage of innovation and family focus.

About Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut Inc., a subsidiary of Yum! Brands, Inc. (NYSE: YUM), is the world’s largest pizza restaurant company with almost 6,500 units in the United States and more than 4,000 units in 100 other countries. The company is the recognized leader in the $37 billion pizza category. Those hungry for more information can go to the official Pizza Hut web site at http://www.pizzahut.com.



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Harmony and a Piece; New Pizza Hut(R) 4forALL(TM) Pizza ends the Great Topping Debate