Artera Group Expands Latin American Distribution, Establishes Data Center, and Introduces Spanish-Language...

Artera Group Expands Latin American Distribution, Establishes Data Center, and Introduces Spanish-Language Product


Westport, CT–(HISPANIC PR WIRE – BUSINESS WIRE)–April 13, 2004–Artera Group, Inc., a subsidiary of NCT Group, Inc. (OTCBB: NCTI) today announced its latest developments in Latin America. Unete Telecomunicaciones, Ltda., Artera’s master distributor in Bolivia and Ecuador, has signed Digital World Services in La Paz, Bolivia.

In an effort to better support Latin America, Artera has established a data center in La Paz that is connected to Artera’s Tampa data center. Additionally, a Spanish-language version of Artera Turbo(R) web accelerator is now available.

“The Spanish-language version of Artera Turbo will facilitate its acceptance in the vast Hispanic market,” said Michael Parrella. “Latin America is an important market and we have taken the steps necessary to best serve channel building there. We appreciate the efforts of Unete and look forward to a prosperous relationship.”

Artera Turbo is a subscription-based Internet acceleration service that uses a series of optimization technologies to increase browsing speeds over any Internet connection, including a standard dial-up line. Artera Turbo enhances the speed of all browsing activities including web surfing and web-based e-mail. In addition to speed, Artera Turbo provides all other features necessary for optimal Internet usage – ultra-secure firewall, content control and much more.

Artera delivers significant benefits to international ISPs because, in addition to solving the “last mile” problem, Artera offers substantial cost savings on international bandwidth. Sixty percent of international Internet traffic is U.S.-bound and Artera can reduce bandwidth utilization by as much as 80%. Artera is well poised for an international rollout with strategically placed data centers run by Artera or its distributors in Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

About Unete Telecomunicaciones

Unete is a mature and profitable telecommunications company with a history of providing cutting edge technological services. While Unete was originally focused on serving the residential dial up market, the company has evolved into a recognized leader in the corporate connectivity market with a diversified client portfolio.

About Artera Group, Inc.

Artera Group is the developer of proprietary Internet acceleration and optimization technologies for residential, small business and enterprise applications. Artera Group’s Artera Turbo service optimizes last mile performance, providing “Virtual Broadband” high-speed Internet usage over any connection, including dial-up lines. When used on a corporate network, Artera can create more capacity and more than double data transmission speeds without any investment in hardware-based bandwidth compression systems or network upgrades. For more information, visit

About NCT Group, Inc.

NCT Group, Inc. is a publicly traded, high-tech company with operating subsidiaries in communications and media. NCT’s strong technology base drives leading edge technological innovations. For more information, visit

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Artera Group Expands Latin American Distribution, Establishes Data Center, and Introduces Spanish-Language Product