Cover Story: Segunda Juventud speaks to Rita Moreno about her latest movie...

Cover Story: Segunda Juventud speaks to Rita Moreno about her latest movie Casa de los Babys

AARP Segunda Juventud is a quarterly bilingual Spanish/English publication from AARP, a nonprofit, nonpartisan membership organization dedicated to making life better for people 50 and over.


Washington, DC–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–October 28, 2003–The latest issue of Segunda Juventud, the AARP’s national bilingual quarterly publication, features a candid interview with Latina star Rita Moreno who talks about her latest movie Casa de los Babys.

The issue is also packed with a number of other feature and in-depth stories that are of strong interest to older Hispanics. Among the highlights are:

Needed Respite: Hispanics are less likely to institutionalize a family member, believing that caring for a loved is a blessing. But even the most loving caregiver can be overwhelmed and once burnout begins, feelings of failure and guilt are often not far behind. Several programs offer help to the more than 50% of Hispanics that suffer from the stress and tension caregiving can bring. Page 6

So Much To Do: As a young Cuban refugee in a country whose language he didn’t speak, the odds were against Mel Martinez. He is now the U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and since then Mel has helped 40,000 minority families buy homes for the first time. AARP Segunda Juventud tells the story of the first Cuban American to serve in the White House cabinet. Page 8

Managing Pain: Fifty million people in the United States suffer from chronic pain and another 25 million suffer from acute pain. But the best available medication can be highly addictive and cause serious side effects. Find out what other alternatives can be used to treat chronic pain. Page 10

Melting the Lens: Rita Moreno broke into show business during a time when ethnic-looking actors were constantly rejected. Since then, she has earned the most prestigious awards in show business, starting with the Oscar for her role in West Side Story. The 71-year-old actress is still hard at work, promoting her new movie Casa de los Babys and watching over her grandchildren. In this interview, she comments on her Oscar winning role, personal life, and her upcoming new movie. Page 13

A Colorful Cultural Mosaic: Mexico is known for its beach resorts and archeological ruins–but it is so much more. It is a mosaic of indigenous, colonial, and modern influences. Just a river away but a world a world away, our southern neighbor is the ancestral home of two thirds of the Hispanics living in the United States. AARP Segunda Juventud takes a deeper look at Mexican traditions as the holiday season approaches. Page 16

Catch Those Rates! Although interest rates have climbed a bit in the past few months, they are still quite low for retirees who depend on interest from investments, such low rates are worrisome, but for those who want to borrow, these rates are a gift. AARP Segunda Juventud lists six ways to take advantage before interest rates climb higher. Page 18

Children of our Children: After the death of her divorced son, Joseph, Ella Holguín became the sole caregiver to her three grandchildren. Ella is now one of the 2.5 million grandparents in the United States who find themselves raising the children of their children. Find out what AARP’s Grandparents Information Center is doing to help. Page 20

Rings of Silence: Silence is what we all want! At least according to the 50 million people that signed up for the National Do Not Call List, which was established by the Federal Trade Commission. AARP and the FTC will move ahead with their efforts on behalf of consumers. Find out what you can do to stay informed and be part of the power. Page 19

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Cover Story: Segunda Juventud speaks to Rita Moreno about her latest movie Casa de los Babys