Client Solera National Bank (IO) Approaches Successful Finish to Their Capital... Client Solera National Bank (IO) Approaches Successful Finish to Their Capital Campaign


Denver, CO–(HISPANIC PR WIRE – BUSINESS WIRE)–June 18, 2007– announced today that its de novo client, Solera National Bank (In Organization), has surpassed the halfway point in its capital campaign, raising over 50% of their minimum capital requirement as prescribed in the offering circular. This achievement comes on the heels of Fortune Magazine’s “The Return to Ma and Pa Banker” article from May 14, which highlights the strength of the community bank industry and the Colorado market in particular.

Paul Ferguson, President & CEO, commented, “The Organizers, Board of Director members and the management team at Solera National Bancorp are very gratified by the overwhelmingly positive reception our Initial Public Offering has received from investors and community leaders throughout Colorado.”

James Perez Foster, Founder & Chairman, remarked, “The vision of bringing a full-service, community bank to the Front Range is nearly complete. Our objective to create a bank owned by the members of the communities we aim to serve has resonated well with our shareholders and we look forward to bringing new shareholders to the Solera National Bancorp family as we continue to move through and ultimately complete the IPO offering.”

Solera National Bank (IO) received permission to organize from the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) on March 19, 2007. Since that time the Organizers and management have hosted over 35 community meetings and met with nearly 800 supporters to talk about how the bank, which will be headquartered at 319 S. Sheridan Boulevard in Lakewood, will deliver high-quality, personal service to individuals, professionals and business clients, with a specialized focus on the Hispanic community.

For more information about Solera National Bank (IO), or to inquire about their offering, please visit Investments into Solera National Bancorp can be made only by obtaining a printed copy of the Offering Circular by contacting the bank or its representatives, or downloading it from this site and following the investment guidelines stated therein. Solera National Bancorp reserves the right to refuse investments they feel would remove control of the bank from the hands of the community it is chartered in.

Forward-Looking Information – This press release contains forward-looking statements. It should be reviewed in conjunction with the Solera National Bancorp Offering Circular, copies of which are available from Solera National Bank (IO) upon request. Such publicly available information provides additional information regarding risks and uncertainties related to Solera National Bank (IO) business that should be considered in evaluating “forward-looking statements.” Client Solera National Bank (IO) Approaches Successful Finish to Their Capital Campaign