!Bienvenido a casa!

!Bienvenido a casa!


–(HISPANIC PR WIRE – CONTEXTO LATINO)–Families are spending more time at home than ever before. They’re entertaining indoors or in their backyard and feeling the security that being at home has to offer. As such, they’re much more interested in ways to improve their home and quality of living. Casa Club TV gives viewers the information to do just that.

Casa Club TV — a unique 24-hour Spanish-language channel — offers Hispanic viewers a high-quality television experience centered on cooking, gardening, interior design, architecture and lifestyle — all with a decidedly Hispanic flair. The No. 1 home and lifestyle channel in the Americas, Casa Club is seen in seven million households, with new viewers enjoying content all the time.

“The growing number of Hispanic viewers in the United States crave quality programming tailored to their common and diverse cultural tastes,” says Gustavo Pupo-Mayo, president and chief executive officer of Casa Club TV parent company MGM Networks Latin America, LLC. “At Casa Club TV, we are constantly analyzing market habits and trends to deliver Spanish-language home and lifestyle programming customized for U.S. Hispanics.”

The network debuted in Latin America in 1997; it is currently viewed by millions of households. It launched in the United States in August of 2003, and since then Casa Club TV has seen steady growth in top U.S. Hispanic markets. The network is currently available nationally on cable and satellite systems such as Comcast Cable and DIRECTV Para Todos(R).

The network delivers programming that is practical and creative, and high production values add a sophisticated result to the shows — something the audience deserves and expects. It is the only Spanish-language network in this specialized category. Popular shows like “1,2,3 Rebecca,” “Hogar Y Armonia,” and “Entre Petalos y Ramas,” just to name a few, are shows that entice viewers to tune in.

Rebecca Rincon, host of “1,2,3 Rebecca,” demonstrates simple, practical and quick ideas in segments on cooking, interior design, spa and well-being, organization, and fashion.

“Hogar y Armonia,” hosted by Anabel Gracia, brings the best in interior design and Feng Shui. “Casa Ideal” gives hands-on advice for home remodeling. “La Botica de la Abuela” encourages natural ingredients in the preparation of natural home remedies. “Kristina en Casa” guides would-be cooks in making bunuelos de yuca, gazpacho and sopa de rabo. On “Entre Petalos y Ramas,” host Israel Sands guides viewers on how to put together exotic and modern flower arrangements for every occasion.

Viewers can stay current on home-improvement and landscaping trends, learn recipes and cooking how-to tips, keep abreast on lifestyle and entertainment information, among many other relevant topics. Comcast Cable and satellite subscribers can call and request to view Casa Club specialty channels. For more information on other quality programming, visit http://www.casaclubtv.com.

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!Bienvenido a casa!