Latin America’s leading wireless ‘infotainment’ provider already has 11 carriers; 7 countries; 2 million users; 50 million messages per month


MIAMI, FL—(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–May 22, 2003–blah!, the leading provider of cool and exciting ’infotainment’ products for wireless carriers in Latin America, announced today that it is entering the North American market as part of its plan to create the world’s largest wireless community.

blah!, which earlier this month announced that it had signed Verizon Wireless as its first U.S.-based wireless carrier, has established a North American headquarters and service hosting operation in Miami, and has begun negotiations with other U.S carriers to offer its full range of wireless services. blah! services allow users immediate access to a community of 2 million users with whom they can meet, interact, have fun, express themselves, and always be ‘in-the-know’.

The Miami headquarters will serve as the company’s base of operation to service all carriers throughout the North American market. The company also is hosting its services at Terremark Worldwide’s (AMEX:TWW) NAP of the Americas, a carrier-neutral Tier-1 Network Access Point that is considered one of the leading hubs of connectivity and technology services for the users of the worldwide Internet and large communications networks.

“blah! partnered with 11 carriers in 7 countries to create a commBunity of 2 million users who send 50 million messages a month, all within our first 2 years of operations.” said Federico Pisani Massamormile, blah! CEO. “ With our success in Latin America, and the tremendous increase of SMS traffic in the U.S., blah! is perfectly positioned to enter the North American market and create the world’s largest wireless community.”

Created in June, 2000 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, blah! is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Telecom Italia Mobile (TIM). blah! provides wireless carriers with a unique array of value-added services, while offering users fun, new ways to interact with others who share similar interests and ideas. blah!’s services have proven to be a hit in all of the markets it has entered by almost instantly raising carrier’s average revenue per user (ARPU). And, blah! introduces the mobile youth to a dynamic world of interactivity, entertainment and information.

Specifically, blah! offers a broad range of fun, mobile-centric products, categorized as follows:

–Connection (contact): connecting the global mobile youth while creating a sense of belonging to a whole. Products include one-on-one anonymous chat, user profile, group messaging, e-mail, love matchmakers, mystical features (oracle, tarot), voting, polls, reminders, etc.

–Personalization (express): allowing the mobile youth to differentiate themselves from their peers. Products include ring tones, icons, picture messages, wallpapers, screen savers, etc.

–Leisure (enjoy): helping the mobile youth escape from life’s routine. Products include futblah!, baseblah!, blah!game, gamezone (rankings and other features), quiz, etc.

–Channels (discover): keeping mobile youth plugged into what’s happening around the world and around the block. Products include information channels with top-notch content providers in Latin America (, MTV, Abril, etc.).

Furthermore, all blah! services are available in several:

–Languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese

–Networks: GSM/GPRS, TDMA, CDMA; and

–Technologies: SMS, MMS, WAP, Web, SIM Toolkit and Voice Portal

blah! services are plug & play. blah! hosts and maintains a centralized platform in Miami that can be easily plugged into carriers’ networks, allowing them to offer their customers the full suite of services. blah! also provides multilingual 24/7 customer support and comprehensive training and marketing services.

blah! targets the mobile youth market, which has shown to be the early adopters and trend setters. Industry research indicates there are more than 50 million mobile youth in the U.S., 32% of which currently use SMS services. And, according to eMarketer, the number of teenagers subscribing to wireless services in the U.S. will quadruple by 2006.

“Demand for SMS – or text messaging – grew rapidly as the communication means of choice for the youth in Latin America during the past two years, thanks to the introduction of cool and exciting products,” said Pisani Massamormile. ”SMS traffic in the U.S. has recently increased due to the resolution of the inter-carrier text-messaging issue, increased awareness about messaging, and the commitment of carriers to offer innovative value added services (VAS). We expect text messaging to become as big as it has in other parts of the world.”

Verizon Wireless, the nation’s largest wireless carrier, began offering the service to customers on May 13. The new service enables English, Spanish and Portuguese speaking customers of Verizon Wireless to chat and play games one-on-one in a unique virtual community using Verizon Wireless TXT Messaging service. Customers can search and chat with others nationally or internationally, or play interactive games such as futblah!, a one-on-one soccer penalty shoot-out game where they challenge other players or have the system match them up.

About blah!

blah! is the leading provider of cool and exciting ‘infotainment’ products for wireless carriers in Latin America, focused on the mobile youth. blah! serves a community of 2 million users with 11 wireless carriers in 7 countries. Created in June, 2000 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, blah! is a wholly owned subsidiary of Telecom Italia Mobile (TIM). blah! entered the U.S. market in 2003, with its North American headquarters in Miami, Florida. For more information about blah!, please visit



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