Bondfaro Presents Innovative Look with Greater Emphasis on Product Information

Bondfaro Presents Innovative Look with Greater Emphasis on Product Information

The site now has more photos and videos, as well as text and video evaluations by a team of specialists


SAO PAULO, Brazil, July 14 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — “Sniff out the right product and buy with confidence!” This is the slogan of the new Bondfaro ( ), which has electronic content developed specifically to help consumers find the right product at the best store when Internet shopping. With the new Bondfaro, carrying out research on electronic commerce has become even more practical and pleasant.

The new Bondfaro has an innovative look that offers maximum product information, with larger photographs, more complete and explanatory videos, and evaluations and tests carried out by Bondfaro Editors themselves, recorded and available for users to consult. “There are already more than 1,200 product tests on video reviews prepared by our Editors, as well as more than 10,000 videos already uploaded by users”, said Daniel Cabral, Product Manager, who is responsible for the project. “Bondfaro used to be more focused on Comparison Shopping, like, but now we shifted to Shopping Information, much similar to positioning.”

“We are offering content with a better selection of stores, showing only the best offers at trusted stores. If we are not absolutely certain that a store is reliable, we don’t list it,” states Cabral. “Our intention is to aid the user’s shopping experience, making quality product information available, as opposed to other research sites that are less specific with their content.”

The site also has a new, more intelligent and lively mascot to help with searches, and is innovative with TV Bondfaro, which makes videos available about all types of products, made both by the team and by the users, and the results selected and presented are only from stores well rated by e-bit.

About BuscaPe

BuscaPe is the creator of a product search and price research service offered online at since June 1999. Grupo ( ) is made up of media companies focused on the Latin American e-commerce purchase decision process. Receiving more than 30 million hits every month and present in 28 countries, BuscaPe is the absolute leader in purchase decisions in Latin America.

Its main companies are:

BuscaPe ( ): A leader in price comparison, present in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Colombia, BuscaPe compares prices of more than 7,000,000 products sold by 60,000 companies. It is also responsible for shopping on more than 100 portals, including Microsoft MSN, Yahoo, Abril, Globo and Terra.

Bondfaro ( ): A leader in product research and information, Bondfaro helps consumers decide which is the right product to buy. With greater focus on products, the site offers videos and evaluations from their own specialists, as well as from users themselves.

e-bit ( ): Was at the forefront in developing electronic commerce in Brazil, becoming recognized as the most respected source of e-commerce information, with more than 5.5 million searches carried out since 2000 in more than 1,500 affiliated virtual stores. Beginning in 2008, it will increase its presence in the following Latin American countries: Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Mexico.

QueBarato! ( ): An absolute leader in free classified advertisements, the recently launched QueBarato! is present in 28 Spanish- or Portuguese-speaking countries, allowing people to advertise their products, services, cars and properties in a fast, efficient and free manner.

Wiki2Buy ( ): A collaborative shopping guide in Wiki format, with information on products, services and stores.

Pagamento Digital ( ): The most secure platform for managing online payments on the Internet. Offers a simple, quick and low-cost method and is specially designed so that the storeowner and online shopper have the best Internet shopping with the security they need.

FControl ( ): Has provided solutions for managing fraud risks in chargeback transactions since 2003. Offering everything from remote transaction analyses and operational consultancy and revision of fraud management processes to complete third-party fraud risk management internal teams, FControl stands out for its precision in differentiating between legitimate and fraudulent transactions in companies throughout Brazil.

Bondfaro Presents Innovative Look with Greater Emphasis on Product Information