Indican Pictures and Burn Pictures Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with the Premiere...

Indican Pictures and Burn Pictures Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with the Premiere of Independent Film ‘Emerald-Cowboy/Esmeraldero’

The Real-Life Drama and Untold Story of 'Esmeralderos' in Colombia Opens Nationwide beginning September


Miami, Fl–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–September 8, 2003–In the depths of the hidden Andean mountains of Colombia lies a world known to the guerrillas seeking refuge and to a generation of adventurers called “Esmeralderos,” rugged treasure hunters who thrive off the harsh Colombian mines in search of the cherished green gemstone. Among them is a Japanese immigrant named Eishy Hayata, a man, who after years of struggle, succeeds in becoming one of the top emerald exporters in the world.

Indican Pictures and Burn Pictures announced today the release of its docu-drama, Emerald Cowboy/Esmeraldero premiering to audiences nationwide beginning Friday, September 19. Produced and directed by Colombian-American Andrew Molina, this action-filled independent film is based on the book Emerald Cowboy, written by Eishy Hayata, a moving, true account of his life as an Emerald Czar.

“In directing this film we wanted to capture not only the natural beauty of Colombia, but most importantly to tell the story of a real modern day cowboy,“ said Andrew Molina, producer and director, Burn Pictures. Eva Hayata, Producer and art director for the film, said, “The movie is a re-enactment, featuring real-life people and events that for the very first time, shed light on the excitement, struggles and dangers of being an ‘Esmeraldero, a world where bodyguards are the norm and the threat of kidnappings omnipresent.’”

The film will first transport movie-goers to the early 70’s when Hayata first became captivated by the brilliance of the green gemstone. The Japanese-born college student leaves his known life in the U.S. and travels to Latin America to embark on an adventurous, dangerous journey through the unforgiving Colombian mines of Muzo, Coquez and Chivor in the state of Boyacá, located northeast of the country’s capital, Bogota. While in Colombia, where the flourishing trade produces 65% of the world’s supply of the precious stones and of a quality without par, Hayata meets other Esmeralderos or modern day cowboys like himself, and together they ride their jeeps through the treacherous terrain in search of the perfect Emerald. Twenty-five years later, Hayata is regarded as a legend in the emerald world, having survived and lived to tell his story.

“We’re pleased to add Emerald Cowboy/Esmeraldero to our repertoire of independent productions,” said Shaun Hill, a partner at Indican Pictures. “Featuring adventure, suspense and romance, this film will attract audiences from all walks of life, nationwide, and we are certain that it will be enjoyed by all, particularly by the growing U.S. Hispanic community.”

“Emerald Cowboy,” featured in Spanish and English, marks the first American film to be shot in Bogota in over 26 years, and the first ever to enter the Colombian emerald mines.

The film will open in New York, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Antonio, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Chicago, Las Vegas, Honolulu, New Mexico, Portland, and Pennsylvania. For exact dates and venues, please visit

About Indican Pictures:

Founded in 1998, Los Angeles-based Indican Pictures specializes in Independent American product that is challenging, unique and edgy. Previous releases include “Boondock Saints,” “Girl Next Door,” “Tuvalu” and “On_Line.” Currently Indican is releasing the Colombian action bio-pic “Emerald Cowboy” (Esmeraldero), upcoming releases include “Two Men Went to War,” “American Storytellers” and “Face.”

About Burn Pictures:

“Emerald Cowboy” marks the first film produced by Burn Pictures, an independent production company founded in January 2001 by Eva Hayata and Andrew Molina. The company focuses on bringing foreign cultures and stories to the eyes of a contemporary American audience. ”

Media note: dates and venues of the film are subject to change


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Indican Pictures and Burn Pictures Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with the Premiere of Independent Film ‘Emerald-Cowboy/Esmeraldero’