BuscaPe and Microsoft MSN Launch Partnership in Mexico

BuscaPe and Microsoft MSN Launch Partnership in Mexico

More than 12 million Mexican users will have access to price comparison system through Prodigy/MSN portal


SAO PAULO, Brazil, Sept. 2 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — BuscaPe.com Group ( http://www.buscape.com ), which is owner of the largest Comparison Shopping Network in Latin America, and Microsoft MSN (Nasdaq: MFST) announce a partnership in Mexico that will benefit more than 12 million users who visit the Prodigy/MSN site. Starting now, they will be able to research and compare prices for products and services at more than 400 stores, as well as access a database of nearly two million products.

According to Romero Rodrigues, CEO and Founder of BuscaPe.com Inc. ( http://www.buscape.com ), the agreement should ensure 50% growth in Mexico. “We will offer a safe, fast way to make an intelligent purchase through the Internet, while the ability to compare prices will provide the user the assurance of making a good purchase,” he points out.

Data from comScore Media Metrix (March 2008), a global leader in Internet audience monitoring, rank BuscaPe the second largest portal among Latin American e-commerce sites, while the MSN site in Mexico has a more than 94% market penetration and 12 million unique users. “The partnership will bring both partners more exposure, and guarantee greater brand strength in the Mexican market, one of today’s main markets in the Americas,” said Jaime Kalb, commercial director for Prodigy MSN Mexico.

Access to the comparison system is available through the main Mexican MSN site: ( http://prodigy.msn.com/ ) or directly via: ( http://prodigymsn.buscape.com.mx/ ).

About BuscaPe

Creator of the Comparison Shopping service at http://www.buscape.com.br in June 1999, BuscaPe.com Group ( http://www.buscape.com ) is made up of media properties focused on the purchase decision process in Latin American e- commerce. With more than 30 million visits each month and available in 28 countries, BuscaPe is an absolute leader in purchase decisions in Latin America.

Its main properties are:

BuscaPe ( http://www.buscape.com.br ): A leader in price comparison with a presence in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Colombia, BuscaPe compares prices of more than 7,000,000 products sold by 60,000 companies. It is also responsible for shopping at more than 100 portals, including Microsoft MSN, Yahoo, Abril, Globo and Terra.

Bondfaro ( http://www.bondfaro.com.br ): A leader in product research and information, Bondfaro helps consumers decide which product is the right one to buy. With its main focus on products, the site offers videos and advice by its own specialists, as well as users themselves.

e-bit ( http://www.ebit.com.br ): e-bit won a name for itself in the development of e-commerce in Brazil as the most respected source of information on e-commerce with more than 6 million respondents of on line shopping experience compiled since 2000 in more than 1,800 affiliated online stores. Starting in 2008, its activities are undergoing expansion in the following Latin American countries: Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Mexico.

QueBarato! ( http://www.quebarato.com.br ): An absolute leader in free classifieds, the recently launched QueBarato is available in 28 countries, all Spanish- or Portuguese-speaking, allowing people to advertise their products, services, vehicles and real estate quickly, efficiently and free of charge.

BuscaPe Viagens ( http://www.buscapeviagens.com.br ): The only one to offer price comparisons of airline tickets in the Brazilian domestic market for more than 700 domestic and international carriers, as well as on-line and off-line travel agencies from all over the country. With a simple, intuitive interface, BuscaPe Viagens is accessible to Internet users of all types — all this so it can offer the best airfare options in the market.

Corta Contas ( http://www.cortacontas.com.br ): Website for research and comparison of financial products and services.

Wiki2Buy ( http://www.wiki2buy.com ): A collaborative buyer’s guide in wiki format containing information about products, services and stores.

Pagamento Digital ( http://www.pagamentodigital.com.br ): The safest online payment management platform on the Internet. A simple, fast, low-cost method, it is designed especially for online merchants and buyers to buy the best the Internet has to offer with the security they need.

FControl ( http://www.fcontrol.com.br ): Has been providing fraud risk management solutions for remote transactions since 2003. With services ranging from analysis of remote transactions and consulting and operational oversight of fraud management processes, to complete outsourcing of internal fraud risk management teams, FControl has distinguished itself for its precision in differentiating between legitimate and fraudulent transactions in companies throughout Brazil.

Compra Comigo ( http://www.compracomigo.com.br ): Orkut’s most popular buy and sell application. A practical, effective way for friends to do business. Available to Orkut, and soon to other social networks, it allows buying, selling and exchanges among friends.

BuscaPe and Microsoft MSN Launch Partnership in Mexico