Camfil Farr Opens Puerto Rico Branch Office

Camfil Farr Opens Puerto Rico Branch Office


GURABO, Puerto Rico, Nov. 1, 2010 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — Camfil Farr, the world’s largest manufacturer of air filters, with 29 subsidiaries and 23 plants in North & South America, Europe, and Asia Pacific, is expanding its resources serving the Caribbean region with the November 12 official opening of a branch and warehouse operation in Gurabo, Puerto Rico.

According to the company, the new branch is being established to better serve the company’s long established existing and rapidly expanding customer base in markets such as healthcare, medical device, biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors. “Specifically,” says newly-appointed Branch Manager, Milton Robles, “we will now have greater capabilities for both sales support and warehousing, so that the filters used most often in these sectors can be supplied immediately. This fast service,” he adds, “along with the fact that the company sells direct to end users, gives Camfil Farr’s customers a significant advantage in both product availability and life cycle cost.”

Camfil Farr is recognized as the global air filtration industry leader within the biotech and pharmaceutical industry, many of which have multiple manufacturing facilities on the island, making Puerto Rico one of the major manufacturing hubs in the world. Victor Rodriguez heads up the Camfil Farr APC (Air Pollution Control) division, specializing in dust collection applications in Puerto Rico. Victor says, “we can now combine our Hemipleat cartridge technology with Camfil Farr’s superior HVAC air filtration products and offer the ‘complete package’ to our customers.”

“One of the things that set us apart,” says Director of Branch Operations, Joe Brennan, “is that Camfil Farr evaluates a filter’s performance based on a Life Cycle Cost (LCC) analysis. We’ve spent thousands of man hours over the last 40 years evaluating how our products and competitor’s products perform in real-life. The real-life data is incorporated into our LCC program to provide a very accurate model of the actual costs of air filters, energy, labor, waste disposal, and landfill impact. We’ve even included an evaluation of CO2 reduction that results from lower energy consumption of low pressure drop filters.”

“When a real-life LCC analysis is completed by Camfil Farr, we can accurately assess what the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is for our customers. The cost of the filter is small compared with the associated costs of energy, labor and disposal. In North America, the average cost of electricity is $0.12/kWh – energy alone can represent 70-80% of the total filtration-related costs. In Puerto Rico, where the average electricity cost is $0.23/kWh, the TCO message becomes even more compelling. There is a great deal of money to be saved by our Puerto Rican customers through a TCO evaluation.”

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Camfil Farr Opens Puerto Rico Branch Office