Campaign for Our Children Unveils New Spanish Language Web Site Promoting Teen...

Campaign for Our Children Unveils New Spanish Language Web Site Promoting Teen Pregnancy Prevention


Baltimore, MD–(HISPANIC PR WIRE – BUSINESS WIRE)–May 24, 2005–Campaign for Our Children (CFOC), a nonprofit group established in 1987 to promote adolescent preventive-health issues, today unveiled a Spanish language version of its popular Web site,, which receives more than twenty million hits annually. The new site offers a wealth of abstinence-plus information for Latino teenagers and their parents.

“The launch of this site is a testament to our commitment to lowering the number of births to teens in the United States,” said Hal Donofrio, president and chief executive officer of Campaign for Our Children. “Currently, Latinas have the highest teen birth rate among all the major ethnic groups in the United States. We need to do whatever it takes to help get those numbers down. This new online resource is one way to begin the dialogue with the Latino community about teen pregnancy prevention.”

Campaign for Our Children encourages teens, adults and educators to discuss abstinence as a viable option. In addition to abstinence, the new site covers a variety of preventative health issues. CFOC’s highly regarded Teen Guide and Parent Resource Center have been translated into Spanish and are now part of the new site. The Teen Guide is a helpful resource that offers a variety of tips for teens on how to talk to their parents about sex. The new site arms teens with the information they need to make informed decisions about their own sexuality. The site also includes answers to the most frequently asked sex-related questions and offers visitors the opportunity to take interactive quizzes on an array of topics, including: self-esteem, abstinence, sexuality, puberty and reproduction, and contraceptives.

The Parent Resource Center is designed to educate Latino parents and guardians about teen risk-taking behaviors, including sexual activity. The new site includes a vault of information for teens and adults on the following topics:

— Abstinence

— The Importance of Marriage

— Dealing with peer pressure

— Teens, Sex and Drugs

— Teens, Sex and the Media

— Effects of Teen Pregnancy

— Facts about HIV and AIDS

— Sexually Transmitted Diseases

— Teen Sexual Activity

— Contraceptives (Birth Control)

— Emergency Contraception

Campaign for Our Children appreciates the ongoing support from its corporate sponsors. T Rowe Price, Verizon and Wachovia are among the donors who financially supported the development of the Spanish language site.

The site is accessible via CFOC’s homepage, ( as well as its companion site,

About CFOC

Established in 1987, CFOC was initially formed to address the high teen birth rate in Maryland through a comprehensive, hands-on program to educate children, parents and the general public. Since its inception, the program has contributed greatly to the overall national decline in births to teens. CFOC’s materials have been incorporated into adolescent prevention programs, schools and community organizations in all 50 states and in other countries such as Zimbabwe, New Zealand, Canada, Yugoslavia and Germany.

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Campaign for Our Children Unveils New Spanish Language Web Site Promoting Teen Pregnancy Prevention