Care Improvement Plus Releases 2011 Medicare Health Plan Benefits for Texas

Care Improvement Plus Releases 2011 Medicare Health Plan Benefits for Texas

Company maintains its commitment to deliver affordable, high quality care


SAN ANTONIO, Oct. 4 /PRNewswire/ — Care Improvement Plus, operator of one of the largest special needs plans in Texas, is standing by its commitment to serve chronically ill and underserved Medicare beneficiaries with the release of its 2011 Medicare health plan benefits in preparation for the upcoming Medicare annual election period, which begins November 15th.

“At a time when there is concern over unpredictable change in healthcare, Care Improvement Plus remains committed to our members and the underserved Medicare beneficiaries of Texas,” said Frederick C. Dunlap, chairman and chief executive officer of XLHealth, which owns and operates Care Improvement Plus. “For 2011, we are continuing to build upon our innovative model of care, providing specialized services that go well beyond what Original Medicare and most Medicare Advantage plans offer — improving quality of care and controlling healthcare costs.”

The details of Care Improvement Plus 2011 Medicare health plan benefits include stable plan premiums with $0 options, and the continuation of valuable additional benefits and services, such as:

— Vision, dental, transportation, and Over-The-Counter benefits

— Care management program including nurse coaching and a 24-7 nurse hotline

— Free annual in-home health assessments with a licensed practitioner

— Personalized counseling sessions with plan pharmacists

— Assistance with accessing social support services

— An open access provider network with no referral required for Medicare-covered services

— $0 copays for important preventive care services

Beneficiaries with chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart failure as well as those on both Medicare and full Medicaid have complex healthcare needs requiring a patient-centered focus, making Care Improvement Plus an important option for more than 2,947,712 eligible Texans to consider.

“During a time when some Medicare Advantage companies are either discontinuing or reducing their coverage, we will continue to serve Texas Medicare beneficiaries with stability in cost and benefits,” continues Dunlap.

Care Improvement Plus will open enrollment on November 15, 2010 for services effective January 1, 2011. Those interested in learning more about Care Improvement Plus may call 1-800-711-1656, or visit for more information.

About XLHealth Corporation

XLHealth Corporation ( is the owner and operator of Care Improvement Plus, a Medicare Advantage health plan committed to delivering quality health care benefits and serving the underserved. Focused on improving patient outcomes and reducing health care spending, Care Improvement Plus provides comprehensive Medicare coverage and a Part D prescription drug benefit, plus additional services such as dental and vision coverage, and care management support.

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Care Improvement Plus Releases 2011 Medicare Health Plan Benefits for Texas