Cash Central Offers Short-Term Loan Services in Spanish

Cash Central Offers Short-Term Loan Services in Spanish


Logan, UT–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–January 26, 2007–<a href=""Cash, the nation’s leading <a href=""state-licensed short-term lender, announced today a <a href=""Spanish version of its website and services. Cash is a state-licensed payday lender and offers loans of $100 to $700 that are usually repaid by the consumer on their next payday.

Cash is spearheading enormous change in the online “payday loan” industry and views this as the next logical step in providing a worthwhile service to customers who may find themselves in a pinch between paychecks. Todd Christensen, Senior Manager of Spanish Affairs, said the company has gone above and beyond a simple cut-and-paste translation commonly found on many businesses’ websites.

“We’ve translated everything from the entire <a href=""online sign-up process to our <a href=""FAQ pages and our loan agreements,” Christensen said. “But it’s more than just the site. We have an entire staff of loan advisors ready to assist our Spanish speaking customers with the same high-level of service we bring to our English speaking consumers each and every day.”

Daniel Nelson, Chief Executive Officer of Cash echoed Christensen’s sentiments. “Adding these services for our Spanish speaking customers cements our commitment to providing the most secure, legitimate and responsible lending environment currently on the web. We believe the customer comes first, so everything we design and implement revolves around that keystone.”

Cash currently serves customers in 21 states and is working on expanding into more. When discussing the issue of state-licensing, Nelson added a word of caution to customers looking for an online “payday” loan, “Many lenders go to great lengths to disguise the fact they are operating without state supervision. Some even operate outside the United States, including Eastern Europe, the Grand Caymans and other locations that are legally permissive of their activities. For your own security, make sure your online lender is licensed or permitted to operate in your state under the lender’s home state license.”

A visit to Cash quickly shows their strong message of dependability, as well as quick access to the Spanish translations of each page on the website and the translated loan application. One <a href=""can also view pictures of their physical location in Logan, Utah, 90 miles north of Utah’s capital, Salt Lake City.

Cash Central Offers Short-Term Loan Services in Spanish