Celebrity Chef Ingrid Hoffmann Cooks Up Heart-Healthy Recipes with Mazola®

Celebrity Chef Ingrid Hoffmann Cooks Up Heart-Healthy Recipes with Mazola®

Hoffmann Shares Healthy Ways to Cook for the Heart for American Heart Month


OAK BROOK TERRACE, Ill., Feb. 6, 2014 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — In honor of American Heart Month this February, Mazola® Corn Oil and celebrity chef and author Ingrid Hoffmann have teamed up to provide simple and delicious ways to be kind to your heart, including new and original recipes by Chef Hoffmann. Cardiovascular disease remains the number one cause of death in the United States for both men and women, making it more important than ever to consider how lifestyle, including the foods and dishes prepared in the kitchen, can impact heart health.

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“My favorite recipes are the perfect combination of healthy and delicious, and sometimes a simple ingredient swap can make it easier to eat right,” said Chef Hoffmann. “A new study shows Mazola® Corn Oil lowers total cholesterol more than extra virgin olive oil, making it my go-to oil. Mazola® Corn Oil is versatile and mild tasting, so it’s perfect for everyday meals.”

New research, sponsored in part by ACH Food Companies, Inc., shows Mazola corn oil significantly reduces cholesterol with more favorable changes in total cholesterol (TC) and LDL-C than extra virgin olive oil. Corn oil lowered LDL cholesterol by 10.9 percent compared to extra virgin olive oil’s 3.5 percent reduction, making corn oil more effective.(1) Corn oil has four times more plant sterols than olive oil and 40 percent more than canola oil.(2) Plant sterols are plant-based micro-nutrients naturally present in fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, cereals, legumes and corn oil.(3) Clinical studies indicate that when consumed as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, plant sterols can help reduce the absorption of cholesterol in the gut.

Chef Hoffmann offers the following tips to kick healthy cooking into high gear this American Heart Month and beyond:

— Add Color. Incorporating a rainbow of fruits and vegetables like spinach, tomatoes and peppers into a meal doesn’t only make the plate look more appetizing, but can add nutritional value.

— Downsize your plate. Ditch the giant dinner plate for something more moderately sized to stick to proper portions. This can help stop overeating and the pressure to clean one’s plate.

— Swap pantry staples. Choose cooking oils with added health benefits. Mazola® Corn Oil not only lowers total and LDL “bad” cholesterol more than extra virgin olive oil, but it is ideal for sauteing, grilling and baking, making it a cooking must-have no matter your favorite dish.

“Whether you’re a professional chef like Ingrid, an at-home cook or just love to eat, healthy ingredients and delicious options are essential,” said Terrence O’Donnell, Senior Brand Manager for Mazola at ACH Food Companies, Inc. “Mazola® Corn Oil can help lower total and LDL cholesterol more than extra virgin olive oil, making it easier to be good to your heart all year long.”

Corn oil has a high smoke point and is an ideal all-purpose cooking oil for grilling, sauteing, stir-frying and baking. Its mild taste allows for the naturally delicious flavors of food to shine through.

For more information on Mazola, including new research and delicious recipes, visit Mazola.com.

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Since its creation in 1911, Mazola® has delivered great tasting, high-quality products to families across the world. With products ranging from cooking oils and sprays to bouillon, all products in the Mazola® family contain no cholesterol and are made to accentuate food’s natural flavors. Mazola® is a registered trademark of ACH Food Companies, Inc. For more information, visit Mazola.com.

About Ingrid Hoffmann

Ingrid Hoffmann, professional eater and host of Simply Delicioso (Cooking Channel) and Delicioso (Univision), is passionate about food and entertaining and spends each day sharing her enthusiasm and talent with an international audience. In 2010, Ingrid partnered with Spanish media giant, Univision, to take her Delicioso brand to a new level. Hoffmann and Delicioso are featured in a range of cooking segments and capsules across Univision Networks, including popular morning show “Despierta America” and daytime show “Hoy,” as well as an online/mobile platform with Univision Delicioso. Her latest book LATIN D’LITE: Delicious Latin Recipes with a Healthy Twist (Celebra Hardcover; April 2, 2013) is available in bookstores nationwide in both English and Spanish.

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1. Benefits of corn oil compared to extra-virgin olive oil consumption on the plasma lipid profile in men and women with elevated cholesterol: results from a controlled feeding trial. Poster session presented at: American Society for Nutrition’s Advances & Controversies in Clinical Nutrition Conference; 2013 Dec 5-7; Washington, D.C.

2. Based on analysis of corn oil and 2013 USDA comparison of other cooking oils: Corn Oil has plant sterols content of 135.6 mg/serving vs. 30.0 mg/serving for Olive Oil, 40.8 mg/serving for Vegetable Oil, and 93.9 mg/serving for Canola Oil.

3. USDA and USDHHS 2010

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Celebrity Chef Ingrid Hoffmann Cooks Up Heart-Healthy Recipes with Mazola®