CareMore Healthy Aging Center for Seniors Draws Big Crowd on Opening Day

CareMore Healthy Aging Center for Seniors Draws Big Crowd on Opening Day

Over 200 seniors and community members come together to experience unique, state-of-the-art facility


Los Angeles, CA–(HISPANIC PR WIRE – BUSINESS WIRE)–August 17, 2007–CareMore Healthy Aging Center, a revolutionary new health facility, has opened its doors to East Los Angeles seniors. One of California’s fastest-growing health plans for seniors, CareMore celebrated the opening at its newest facility located at 3513 E. 1st Street, Los Angeles, Calif. on August 16, 2007.

Crowds turned out in droves to experience the new Center. “We couldn’t be more pleased with the turnout today,” said Leeba Lessin, President of CareMore. “It really is a testament to the fact that this Healthy Aging Center fills a void for seniors in East Los Angeles.”

Attendees shared food, enjoyed music and had a chance to experience the Center firsthand through guided tours. Special guests included actress Maria Antonieta de las Nieves; Supervisor Gloria Molina’s senior deputy, David Velo; Chamber of Commerce member Eddie Torres, Jr.; and Laura Jimenez, Senior Field Representative for Assemblyman Ed Hernandez.

Edward Trejo of CareMore delivered the keynote speech, detailing the state-of-the-art features of the new Center, which CareMore designed to address the specific needs of aging seniors.

“Not one detail was overlooked in the design of this new facility,” said Mauricio Bueno, MD, of Family Care Specialists Medical Group, Inc. “Everything from the examination tables to the carpet to the paint on the walls has a senior-sensitive design.”

Seniors like Glenn Brazeal, who attended the event, expressed appreciation for the senior-focused facility, which includes lightweight doors and large-print, bilingual signage. “It’s just a beautiful place for seniors,” said Brazeal. “We have not had anything like this before.”

The new center is poised to become a leading healthcare facility and a model for the future of health facilities for seniors across the country. In addition to forward-thinking medical care, seniors will have easy access to nutrition training, diabetic support groups, exercise classes and wireless blood pressure monitoring with simple data transmission via a phone jack at home.

“We were already proud to open the East Los Angeles CareMore Healthy Aging Center,” said Lessin, “but seeing the tremendous positive response to the Center today was overwhelming. We are planning to open more of these Centers in the near future.”

About CareMore Health Plan and Healthy Aging Centers

CareMore Health Plan, based in Cerritos, Calif., provides Medicare Advantage health plans with a strong focus on enhanced quality of life, wellness and the management of functional decline. Serving Medicare and Medi-Cal recipients in Los Angeles and Orange counties, CareMore is proud to offer comprehensive healthcare programs for its members. These plans include CareMore ValuePlus, for all seniors eligible for Medicare; CareMore Reliance for seniors with chronic illnesses or conditions; CareMore Touch, a Medicare plan available for seniors who reside in long-term care facilities; and CareMore Connect for low-income seniors who are eligible for Medicare and Medi-Cal CareMore.

CareMore’s Healthy Aging Center is a highly specialized healthcare facility that focuses on proactive, integrated healthcare personalized to meet the unique needs of seniors. The Center provides comprehensive geriatric examinations; diabetic education and management; a foot care program; home-based blood pressure monitoring and reporting; and a program for patients at risk for falls.

CareMore designed the new facility to address the challenges seniors often face at healthcare facilities, such as opening doors, getting onto examination tables and getting in and out of chairs – interior doors are lightweight, examination tables are easily accessible and chairs are tip resistant. Details such as lighting, furniture design and color selection also attend to the needs of seniors. Every surface has low-glare materials and even the carpet is static-resistant to reduce interference with hearing aids and other devices. In addition to making sure signs have large lettering, the facility signage is also bilingual.

For more information about CareMore and its full spectrum of care for seniors, please visit or call (800) 499-2793, TDD (800) 577-5586.

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CareMore Healthy Aging Center for Seniors Draws Big Crowd on Opening Day