ChatTime connects you to Mexico and all of Latin America at rates...

ChatTime connects you to Mexico and all of Latin America at rates up to 65% savings over Skype

ChatTime reduces call rates to Mexico by 60%, with rates starting from 1.9 cents/min to landlines and 11.9 cents/min to cell phones so you can talk almost 3 times longer than Skype!


MIAMI, Jan. 24, 2013 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — SmartRoam, the developer of ChatTime, a leading award winning iPhone app for high quality low cost international phone calls, have reduced their per-minute calling rate to most Mexico landlines to 1.9 cents/min and Mexico cell phones for only 11.9 cents per minute for pay-as-you-go users. The calling rate of 11.9 cents a minute allows you to talk almost 3 times longer than Skype!

ChatTime offers free download for the iPhone and enables iPhone users to make crisp and reliable call connections to any phones in the world without the requirement of 3G and Wi-Fi. ChatTime is not a VOIP calling app, so unlike Skype, Viber and all other VoIP apps, ChatTime calls are crystal clear without annoying voice delays, echoes or distortion because no internet connection is required. With savings up to 98% compared to most mobile operators or Skype, ChatTime lets you talk longer and make more international calls to any landline or mobile anytime.

On the rate reduction, Dan Currie, Chairman at SmartRoam, developer of the ChatTime application said: “We have seen strong demand for calling to Latin America, from customers both on pay-as-you-go and monthly call plans. Latin America represent a large percent of our total monthly traffic, and with the reduction in calling rates to Mexico we expect this to increase even further as it becomes even more affordable for our users to stay in touch with their families and friends with high quality call connections.”

If you are looking for a cheaper and better alternative for your international calls, or if you ever need to make international phone calls, either occasionally or regularly, you should try out ChatTime’s high quality low cost offerings, after all it’s risk-free and easy! As a new user, you get $2 trial call credit which, with ChatTime’s low rates, translates to talk time of over 60 minutes, depending on where you are calling. You make international calls to your iPhone contacts like you normally would for regular phone calls without any need to enter complicated prefixes or to go running to convenience stores to top up credits. You can download ChatTime free today from the AppStore –

Keeping pace with the rapid innovation and huge demand in Android, ChatTime will soon be launching its first Android app. So stay tuned!


SOURCE SmartRoam

ChatTime connects you to Mexico and all of Latin America at rates up to 65% savings over Skype