Workbook/CD Combo Offers Easy Access to Citizenship Training

Workbook/CD Combo Offers Easy Access to Citizenship Training


Plymouth NH–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–July 8, 2003–Trinity Software announces release of the Road To Citizenship Workbook a combination workbook and interactive software program designed to help qualified immigrants prepare for U. S. citizenship.

The popular CD-ROM Road to Citizenship v3.0 has an added dimension – a 96-page Workbook. The Workbook contains most of the text found in the CD, but in a “take it anywhere” format. The CD and Workbook have the same nine Parts covering everything from finding the qualifications for citizenship, studying for the exam, to learning about the Oath of Allegiance.

Road to Citizenship is also designed to accommodate those who need to strengthen their English –an important part of the new qualifications for most immigrants. There are sample quizzes, vocabulary words and definitions, and unlimited opportunities to practice speaking, reading, writing, and listening to English. Plus, every word of text in the program can be listened to, a treasury of more than 3000 recordings in clear broadcast American English.

The CD also includes:

— The current Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services (formerly the INS) Application Form in an interactive format

— 10 lessons on U. S. history and government covering all the needed information for passing the citizenship test.

— An expanded Practicing English section, which includes sentences provided by the BCIS as examples for the test of written English.

— More than 400 vocabulary words with definitions.

— Ability to print lessons and sample quizzes for use away from the computer.

The Workbook is a 96 page, 8.5″ x 11″ paperback.. The CD requires a Windows compatible PC with minimum 32MB RAM, 10MB hard disk space, a CD-ROM drive, sound card, and microphone (optional). $29.95 ISBN: 0-927365-58-8

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Workbook/CD Combo Offers Easy Access to Citizenship Training