Resolve to De-Clutter and De-Stress

Resolve to De-Clutter and De-Stress


–(HISPANIC PR WIRE – CONTEXTO LATINO)–New Year’s resolutions often involve the same themes. Some of the more common themes include reducing stress and getting going on all those little things around the house.

This isn’t surprising, as many people find their stress levels higher around the holiday season, a season in which they typically put home projects off until spring. But for many people, letting things slide around the house has an adverse effect on stress levels, keeping them high long after the holiday season has come and gone. In fact, a recent poll from found that 55 percent of respondents felt their primary cause of stress was living in clutter.

So how can you reduce stress by clearing out the clutter in your home? The experts at The Home Depot® suggest homeowners follow three steps as they move from room to room.

1. Analyze. Take stock of where you are, what you want to accomplish and what your obstacles are.

2. Strategize. Create a plan of action with a realistic schedule for proceeding with your plan. Visit a local retailer to determine which storage solutions best meet your needs.

3. Attack. Dive into the clutter, sorting and arranging items to reflect your goals and thinking. Ask yourself two questions about every item around you: Is it useful? Do you love it? The answers will guide you into keeping it, tossing it, or possibly donating it to a charity.

Of course, a big part of making a successful resolution is realizing that it takes time. Those who resolve to lose weight each year, for example, can attest that shedding that extra 10 pounds doesn’t happen overnight, and neither does a successful home improvement clean-up. The Home Depot offers tips on becoming organized in these key areas of your home.


In most homes, the kitchen is the hub of the house. From cooking meals to family meetings and homework, the kitchen is an everyday, multitasking room. The recipe for organization in a family-friendly kitchen is a mix of built-in cabinets and portable storage solutions.

• Install sliding organizers that fit most standard-size cupboards and cabinets, extend for optimal space-making and slide out for ease of use. Options include a sliding tray, spice rack, trash bin or a lazy Susan for hard-to-reach corners.

• Hang a pot rack above an island for another space-saving and decorative solution to storing the items you use most often.

• Organize small household items and supplies with an adjustable storage system that can be hung on the back of a door or on a wall.

Laundry Room

No longer an afterthought in a dark corner of the basement, the laundry room is now located in the heart of the home and can offer extra storage space.

• Expand storage by utilizing vertical space and hanging inexpensive, in-stock cabinets to store everything from detergents, brooms and vacuum cleaners to gift-wrap, beach towels and out-of-season clothing.

• Install open wire shelving for air circulation and to serve as racks to hang clothes before and after ironing.

• Hide an unsightly ironing board inside a storage cabinet that hangs on the wall. This will also create more floor space and present a more attractive, uncluttered space.

Bedroom Closets

Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to find room for all of the new clothes you received as gifts. What a great excuse to completely reorganize your closet. There are different systems that you can install to maximize your space and organize your items in an easily accessible configuration.

• Wire storage systems are easy to install. The shelving can adapt and expand, they provide good ventilation, dusting isn’t needed, and accessories are available.

• Melamine shelving has the look of furniture, is durable, easy to install, has some ability to adapt and expand, and can hold small items without the items falling through the shelving.

• Plastic storage systems come in multiple sizes, are portable, protect from dust, hold small items, are moisture resistant and are inexpensive.


According to a 2007 survey by the Soap and Detergent Association, men find that cleaning the garage or basement is the most rewarding cleaning task around the house (22 percent), while women believe it is the least rewarding category (24 percent). With this split of opinions, it seems appropriate to assign the task of creating a functional garage to the man of the house.

• The challenge with organizing a garage is that homeowners typically need to create storage solutions, since most garages consist of bare walls and no shelving options.

• Hang tools, ladders, toys and athletic equipment neatly on the wall.

• Take advantage of unused space by hanging bicycles from the ceiling.

• Use pegboard to organize tools above a workbench. Draw an outline of each tool with a permanent marker, so you’ll remember where each tool belongs after a long day of work.

• Look for a tall, sturdy storage cabinet with adjustable shelves that will offer plenty of space for everything, from charcoal and grill accessories to toolboxes and power tools.
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Resolve to De-Clutter and De-Stress