Great Grilling – Sizzling Tips for Charcoal Fanatics

Great Grilling – Sizzling Tips for Charcoal Fanatics


–(HISPANIC PR WIRE – CONTEXTO LATINO)–For the charcoal lovers, the flavors and aromas imparted by charcoal grilling are simply irreplaceable. It’s the distinct smoky flavor that only charcoal can provide – along with the challenges of building and mastering a live fire – that continues to fuel this nationwide obsession with the charcoal grill.

The latest research from the Hispanic GrillWatch Survey shows that charcoal grilling reigns supreme among Hispanics in particular, with 76% of Hispanics now owning a charcoal grill compared to 50% of Americans overall.

Whether you’re a novice griller or a well-seasoned veteran, here are a few tips and tricks of the trade for charcoal grilling from the experts at Weber-Stephen Products Co.

Choosing Charcoal

Charcoal briquettes burn longer than lump charcoal and need replenishing less often, but lump charcoal provides greater heat and woodsier aromas. Here’s a tip: Use both. Light your fire with a bed of slow-burning briquettes and add lump charcoal for additional heat and smoke. Not using enough charcoal is a crucial and common mistake. A good rule of thumb is that your charcoal should extend at least four inches beyond every piece of food. Otherwise, the food will not cook evenly.

Light It Right!

The easiest and best way to light charcoal is with an aluminum chimney starter. This essential tool also serves as a ‘measuring cup’ for the fire. Filled to the rim, it provides enough coals to build an initial bed of embers in a kettle-style grill. A word to the wise – lighter fluid is off limits! It burns foul chemical fumes that can ruin the clean aromas of a good charcoal fire.

Mastering The Fire

The grill should always be pre-heated five to 10 minutes with the lid closed so that the grate is hot enough to sear food properly. While cooking, the heat can be adjusted by rearranging or replenishing the coals according to what various foods require.

Extra Flavor

Oak or mesquite? Hickory or apple? When it comes to smoking on a charcoal grill, the options are endless, so take a chance. Adding wood chips or chunks can add an extra layer of flavor to your grilling. To help the chips or chunks smolder rather than flame up, soak them in water for at least 30 minutes before adding them to the fire.

So next time you’re deciding on the menu for a sit-down dinner or casual barbecue with family and friends, remember that whether its seared steaks, roasted vegetables, smoked fish, barbecue ribs, wood-fired pizzas or even caramelized fruits – it can all be cooked over charcoal.

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Great Grilling – Sizzling Tips for Charcoal Fanatics