Empowering Hispanics One Voice at a Time; Using Technology to Improve Spoken...

Empowering Hispanics One Voice at a Time; Using Technology to Improve Spoken English Skills


Bayside, NY–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–September 19, 2006–School is back in session and this is not only for the grade-schoolers headed off to the big yellow buses. Adults too head back to classes to improve themselves and their career prospects. For many Hispanics this means attending what is popularly known as “accent reduction” classes.

Thanks to AccentMasterEspanol.com your class maybe as close as your office or den. As their self-study software programs gives you an entire course in pronunciation and fluency. This program was created specifically for the bi-lingual Hispanic. The software addresses the unique challenges Hispanic speakers of English face, including pronunciation, word stress, and intonation. The software is user-friendly and the interactive games keep practicing fun and interesting.

Their classes are also delivered directly to your home or office computer. The classes are the ultimate in flexibility and convenience. A web-camera is lent to you for the duration of your class. All you need to do is log on when it is time for your class and you are ready to have your live, private class with an instructor. Classes are available for spoken English, advanced ESL or public speaking.

Of the 44 million Hispanics in the United States over half report feeling more comfortable speaking Spanish than English. These classes and software help Hispanics to achieve confident, clear, and fluent spoken English, which is important because 65% of Hispanics report needing to speak English at work.

Steve Bo the director of Accent Master Español explains that “our courses enhance confidence at work, when interviewing or applying for promotions, and empowers people to connect with a larger community including your children’s teachers, colleagues, and neighbors”.

AccentMasterEspanol.com is a family owned business founded by Steve and Lynn Bo. Steve is a software engineer who previously developed software for the space industry.

Lynn Bo is a speech therapist who began her career working in East Harlem in NYC. For the past 9 years Lynn has helped people to improve their spoken English skills, through private therapy and in class settings.

Steve and Lynn are happily married and are raising their five children in NYC.

For more information, please contact Lynn Bo at 718-715-0706 or Lynn@AccentMaster.com.

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Empowering Hispanics One Voice at a Time; Using Technology to Improve Spoken English Skills