Get Ready For the New Health Insurance Marketplaces

Get Ready For the New Health Insurance Marketplaces

The healthcare law can help you find affordable health insurance


WASHINGTON, May 17, 2013 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — Health Insurance
Marketplaces are a key provision of the Affordable Care Act that can help
you get health insurance regardless of income or health history. You can
start exploring your options now, enroll in October, and start taking
advantage of the benefits of your state Health Insurance Marketplace
beginning in January 2014.

People looking for health insurance can shop
and compare plans through the new Health Insurance Marketplace, also known
as healthcare exchanges. The Health Insurance Marketplace will help you find
insurance plans that cover medical services including preventive care,
medicines, doctor and hospital visits.

Now is the time to learn about how they work, how to prepare for open
enrollment, and what kind of insurance options are available to you right

The New Health Insurance Marketplace

Each state will have its own Health Insurance Marketplace, which you

access online
(some are already available). The exchanges are designed
to help you:

  • Figure out how to compare and get healthcare insurance even if you
    have a pre-existing condition or chronic health problem
  • Find the insurance plan that fits your budget. Some people might
    qualify for free or low-cost health insurance
  • Understand the enrollment process in a way that’s easy to read

Enrollment Begins October of 2013

The enrollment process begins October 1. But you can prepare by doing the

  • Individuals and families:
    • Get to know the different healthcare plans available in your
      state if the exchange has already been set up. Specifically, make
      sure you understand how the deductibles and co-pays work
    • Ask your employer if she plans to offer health insurance
    • Prepare a list of questions about your health coverage
  • Small business owners:
    • Get to know the different healthcare plans available so that you
      understand the differences in costs and services
    • Set a budget based on how much both you and your employees will
      spend on health insurance
    • Set a date to begin offering coverage that works best for your
      business and your employees

Your Insurance Options Now

You don’t have to wait until 2014 to get health coverage. There are
several public programs available for families, including Medicare, Medicaid
and low-cost insurance programs for children and adults. has a tool to help you

find insurance
. First you need to answer a few questions such as where
you live and your current job situation. and
are the U.S. Government’s
official web portals in English and Spanish, and part of the U.S. General
Services Administration (GSA).


Get Ready For the New Health Insurance Marketplaces