Selecting the Perfect Holiday Tree

Selecting the Perfect Holiday Tree


–(HISPANIC PR WIRE – CONTEXTO LATINO)–Like setting up the nativity scene, buying a holiday tree is an annual ritual for most Hispanic families. With the accessibility of having fresh trees as an option, finding the perfect specimen that the whole family agrees upon can be a challenge.

“Anyone with a keen eye and a sharp nose can select a tree,” says Argeo Tamayo of The Home Depot, the nation’s leading retailer for fresh-cut holiday trees. “Once you buy it, taking care of a fresh tree is not as difficult as it may seem, and the advantage to having one is that it’s natural so you get a pine scent throughout your home.”

Following are tips for selecting the tree that’s right for your family. Whether choosing a Balsam, Douglas, Nobel or Fraser fir, start with the “freshness test.”

Freshness first

Spot a tree that’s uniformly green and you’re halfway there. Then pull a few needles, shake the tree and inspect the limbs. The needles should not pull off or shake off easily and should be flexible, moist, sticky and fragrant when crushed.

Limbs should be strong enough to support lights and spaced to lend visual balance. The butt end of the trunk should be cut to promote water absorption and prolong its beauty and life.

Once you select your tree, you should get it home and into a stand of water immediately. This will help keep your tree fresh and green.

If possible, transport it home in the trunk instead of on top of the car to lessen exposure to the wind. If you have to put it on top of the car, cover the tree to help prevent wind or sun damage.

Setting it up and watering

Next, place the tree in a sturdy water-reservoir stand, making sure it is appropriate for the size of the tree and that it will hold at least one gallon of water. Don’t shave the sides of the tree trunk or tree butt to fit the tree into the stand because it will lessen the life span.

Keep the stand filled and be sure to use a preservative in the water. Preservatives are inexpensive and a variety are available at The Home Depot. The average tree will absorb roughly one gallon of water during the first 24 hours of being placed in the stand, and between two pints and one gallon of water each day thereafter. Be sure to check water levels daily regardless of the size of your tree.

Use clear, thin wires to anchor trees to walls. This keeps children from pulling trees down on top of them. Also, make sure your tree is one foot shorter than the ceiling. Remember to take into account the tree stand and any ornament you might put on the top of your tree.

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Selecting the Perfect Holiday Tree