Using the Latest in 3D and CGI Technologies Discovery en Espanol’s ‘2111’...

Using the Latest in 3D and CGI Technologies Discovery en Espanol’s ‘2111’ Transports Viewers 100 Years into the Future of Latin America

Mega Production Offers Advertisers Like American Airlines, Samsung, Oracle, Bridgestone and FedEx Unique Placement Opportunities for Delivery of Brand Values that Surpass Conventional Integrations


MIAMI, Nov. 8, 2011 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — What will the major cities in Latin America look like in 2111? What will be the new and innovative means of transportation and energy? How will the everyday life of its citizens be transformed? “2111”, a groundbreaking original series by the Discovery Latin America/U.S. Hispanic production team delves into these questions like no other special, offering a visually stunning look into Latin America 100 years from now. “2111” premieres on November 19 and airs every Saturday at 8 PM E/P (it premieres on November 16 in Discovery Channel Latin America).

Over the span of six episodes, this mega production, narrated by Mexican journalist Idzi Dutkiewicz, uncovers a spectacular tomorrow by exploring clues that exist in the present, associated with surprising and modernist projects of the Latin America of the future. Each episode focuses on a specific theme, including architecture and urban planning, transportation and energy, health, education and entertainment.

“2111” transports viewers to the Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires of tomorrow, employing the most advanced 3D computer animation to create real life models of cities, houses, public spaces and future modes of transportation, integrating these into today’s Latin America. Filmed in Japan, Korea, England, Spain and the United States, the series features the opinion of renowned futurologists in the areas of science, technology and culture, revealing until now unseen possibilities.

In addition, the state-of-the-art series with its high-end production values and unique attributes attracted major advertisers, whose brands are prominently featured in relevant environments. Premier brands such as American Airlines, Samsung, Oracle, Bridgestone and FedEx signed on to take part in one of the largest original integration projects ever developed by the Discovery Solutions team.

“As we continue to increase our slate of originals, ‘2111’ is just one of the breakthrough productions that viewers can expect and that offer advertisers unparalleled opportunities. Throughout the months of production the Discovery Solutions team worked hand in hand with the production crew to develop out-of-the-box approaches for each client that go well beyond conventional integrations. Customized solutions were crafted to allow each brand to showcase their best attributes within the context of a series only Discovery en Espanol could deliver to its viewers,” said Victor Parada, Vice President, Advertising Sales Discovery U.S. Hispanic.

Clients benefited from seamless integration of their products or services utilizing a variety of approaches including computer generated techniques that feature the brand in creative ways, the inclusion of their leading experts via interviews into the narrative of applicable episodes and specially designed opening and closing billboards. The end goal was to communicate each brand’s distinct forward looking vision and place, within the 2111 Latin American landscape.

“2111” episode descriptions and schedules follow:

Episode 1. Architecture and urban planning (Saturday, November 19 at 8 PM E/P)

To find out what the cities of Latin America will be like in the future, this episode looks at the world’s most cutting edge developments in urban planning, homes, office buildings and construction. Each of the world class reports and interviews offer viewers clues to what the urban landscape of Latin America could be like in 100 years, recreating different Latin American cities with spectacular 3D images.

Episode 2. Health and wellbeing (Saturday, November 26 at 8 PM E/P)

This episode highlights the revolutionary medical and scientific findings that will lead the way to preventing and curing the world’s major illnesses. Leading experts explore the latest advances in genetics, robotic prosthesis, nanotechnology and organ printing, offering clues that will allow viewers to create an image of the average Latin American inhabitant of the future and the main physical changes they will undergo.

Episode 3. Transportation and energy (Saturday, December 3 at 8 PM E/P)

What will transportation be like in the Latin America of the future? What fuels will power the vehicles and cities? This episode showcases the world’s most futuristic developments in transport and automobiles and how they will be integrated into Latin American cities by using 3D technology. The episode will also examine the energy sources of tomorrow, touring the research and production centers that are at the cutting edge and looking at how this will impact the region.

Episode 4. Daily life (Saturday, December 10 at 8 PM E/P)

Developments in technology around the world will act as springboards to bring to life the house of the future, exploring different common parts of a home: bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen and living room. New cutting edge inventions and prototypes of today will be integrated into the reality of the Latin American home of the future, backed up with excellent 3D and global leading expert interviews.

Episode 5. Work and education (Saturday, December 17 at 8 PM E/P)

Work and education tackles the new kinds of jobs that will be in demand, the new nature of working relationships, and the role of robots in the workplace. The episode delves into important questions with regards to education including: what will happen to the school as a collective place to educate children; and will the children of the future be more intelligent? All 3D recreations portray a Latin American reality.

Episode 6. Entertainment (Saturday, December 17 at 9 PM E/P)

Will there be hologram football matches? Will there be concerts with holograms? How will Latin Americans shop in 100 years? The world’s leading experts will explore the future realities of entertainment and consumerism in the region in 100 years.

“2111” is an original production by Discovery Latin America/U.S. Hispanic under the direction of Michela Giorelli, Rafael Rodriguez and Irune Ariztoy, with the assistance of GP Media productions under the direction of Gabriel Sagel and Executive Producer Alejandra Sarmiento.

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Using the Latest in 3D and CGI Technologies Discovery en Espanol’s ‘2111’ Transports Viewers 100 Years into the Future of Latin America