Mexican Film Company To Restructure Operations

Mexican Film Company To Restructure Operations


Los Angeles, CA–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–December 9, 2003–Oxxo Films, the primary distributor and producer of Mexican film titles in the U.S. announces its plan to re-structure its film distribution unit. Management is currently evaluating product line representations with two of its competitors as well as an independent third party.

Its film library is one of the most comprehensive representations of Mexican culture in North America. 450 film titles are offered on the company’s website, All genres are represented including the latest American obsession with sophisticated, high caliber, and stylish movies from Mexico. Oxxo Films was one the first company’s to venture into this type of high-end cinema in early 1997. Its library boasts more than 200 titles with film production values on par with such titles as “Amores Perros” and “Y Tu Mama Tambien.”

Oxxo Films will continue to focus on film right acquisition and film production. The company is currently producing a collection of 12 films based on the lives of Mexican women at all levels of Mexican society. Filming for the third film of this collection will commence early next year. Its first two films—Silvia and Isela—have been a commercial success.

As part of its restructuring plan, Oxxo Films will commence the rollout of its VHS product on DVD format in early 2004. Its CEO, Adam Valdez, made a conscious decision to hold the film library in VHS format until the marketplace reached an acceptable demand for DVD format. Early this year, Oxxo Films test marketed four titles to the Hispanic/Latino population. “We chose early on not to join in on all the hype about how the Hispanic/Latino population was going crazy about DVD product when we at the very minimum understand how our folks react to new technology better than anyone else in the marketplace,” says Adam Valdez. “I was surprised by all the false statistical Hispanic/Latino DVD data being promoted by some of the major distributors in this country.”

“With our product, you get more value because of our pricing strategy, a better selection because our movies have broad audience appeal, and real entertainment value geared toward the needs of our customer base because of our industry know-how. We do not have to play catch-up to cater to this specific community since we are already positioned there,” says Adam Valdez.



Oxxo Films

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Chief Executive Officer

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Mexican Film Company To Restructure Operations