MADD Florida Press Conference at Broward Courthouse

MADD Florida Press Conference at Broward Courthouse

Sentencing of Marco Villavicencio for DUI Manslaughter Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD Florida)



ADVISORY for September 6


Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD Florida)


Press Conference in Response to DUI Manslaughter Case/Villavicencio


Thursday, September 6th, immediately following Sentencing Hearing (Must check Docket for precise time)


Front of Broward Courthouse, Seventeenth Judicial Circuit,

Judge Susan Lebow, 201 SE 6th Street, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301

Background: On July 14, 2002, Alexandra Sucre (daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Antonio J. Sucre) was killed when the vehicle in which she was riding, driven by Marco Villavicencio, skidded out of control and into a canal. The driver, Marco Villavicencio, survived as did two other passengers. Mr. Villavicencio was subsequently convicted of DUI Manslaughter. While sentencing guidelines suggest a prison term of from 12-30 years for this felony crime, and while Florida’s legislature recently passed the Adam Arnold Act mandating minimum incarceration of 4 years for the crime of DUI Manslaughter beginning on October 1st, indications are that the judge in the case is considering a sentence that may fall far below guidelines and may, indeed, impose such a light sentence so as to send ripples through the south Florida community. MADD Florida stands in support of strong sentences for DUI offenders, particularly in cases of DUI Manslaughter, and fully supports the family of Alexandra Sucre as they seek justice on this emotionally charged day. Although hopeful, we greatly fear this may not be the case. A very light sentence will transmit a message that “we don’t care” and that drinking and driving and subsequently killing someone does not warrant a serious penalty.

We fear that this incorrect message will be wrongly delivered by the court and received by both the Latin and Anglo communities.

MADD Florida Press Conference at Broward Courthouse