Baby Steps Toward Natural Living

Baby Steps Toward Natural Living


NEW YORK, July 20 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — Living a healthy and natural lifestyle is rapidly becoming a must-do for moms who want to raise environmentally conscious children. Whether youre the soccer mom, working mom or yoga mom, most moms are simply looking for a little insight and inspiration to make the world more eco-friendly for their babies. To do so, they are making small changes — from the food they are feeding their families to the products they are purchasing.

In the past, moms have been challenged by the availability of natural alternatives and the expense. Today, more companies are recognizing “natural” moms and are creating products to make going green easier. For example, with over 100 years of baby care expertise, JOHNSONS(R) Brand has developed the new JOHNSONS(R) NATURAL(TM) product line, which naturally and gently cares for babys skin and hair with the unique combination of at least 98% naturally derived ingredients from plants and fruits. Tailored for both babies and kids, these high-quality, trusted, natural products including JOHNSONS(R) NATURAL(TM) Baby Lotion and JOHNSONS(R) NATURAL(TM) 3-in-1 Kids Shampoo, Conditioner & Body Wash will be available at mass retail at affordable prices, giving all moms the chance to choose what is best for her family.

Leading Hispanic Grammy Award Winning singer Melina Leon believes in living a natural lifestyle. Shes a “green” mom that promotes the new JOHNSONS(R) NATURAL(TM) product line for Hispanic moms. “I am very excited with the launch of JOHNSONS(R) NATURAL(TM). I encourage moms around the country to adopt natural habits into their busy lives using easy and convenient tips and products,” expressed Leon. “I support this initiative because I believe that these types of products provide moms with another choice when selecting products to help care for their childrens skin and hair. Plus, JOHNSONS(R) new line is available nationwide, at a reasonable price.”

Sara Snow, Natural and Green Living Expert and TV Host is thrilled with the new addition for “natural” moms. She shares simple tips and ideas that every mom can incorporate into her daily routine to make her life more natural:

— No More Paper or Plastic: Any time you hit the grocery store, meat market, or even mall; take your own reusable shopping bag.

— Unplug: Reduce the consumption of electrical energy by simply unplugging electronics when theyre not in use. Phone chargers draw energy all day long when left plugged into the wall, and electronics can use 40% of their regular running energy when plugged in on standby.

— Conserve Water: Take quicker showers, fix leaky faucets and shut off the water while you brush your teeth. That alone can save almost 2000 gallons a year.

— Reach for the Stars: Always look for the Energy Star seal. Appliances with this seal use less energy, save you money and help protect the environment. Available products range from programmable thermostats to cordless phones. To give an example, Energy Star washing machines use 50% less energy and could reduce your utility bills by over $100 a year.

— Switch out Light bulbs: Americans buy 1 billion bulbs a year. If everyone would switch out just one conventional bulb for a compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL), it would be like pulling a million cars off the roads. Plus, because the bulbs last 10 times as long and are 25% more energy efficient, theyll save you money.

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Baby Steps Toward Natural Living