Tips for Saving Money Exclusively Available to CLUB MOSAICO

Tips for Saving Money Exclusively Available to CLUB MOSAICO


NEW YORK, April 6 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — In today’s economy everyone is looking for discounts, deals and tips on how to save more money. No one wants to take out a loan just to go on a family vacation or dip into savings to buy a few gifts for birthdays or holidays. In Ana Galan’s new book, HOW TO SAVE WITHOUT LOSING YOUR MIND ( published exclusively in the US by CLUB MOSAICO, Galan explores 100 ways to keep more money in your pockets.

Galan, mother of three teenagers, woke up one morning to the scary realization that all her children would be heading off to college at around the same time. With college tuitions constantly on the rise, she knew she needed to start making small and manageable changes to her budget. Galan gathered tips from family and friends on how to save money without seeing dramatic changes to their lifestyles.

She collected all of these suggestions along with her own tricks and compiled them into one useful guide. Galan includes DIY techniques like making your own greeting cards, wrapping paper and gifts. Save money on cleaning products by following recipes to creating your own homemade cleaning solutions that actually promise to get the job done. You can even make your own eco-friendly remedies to get rid of household bugs!

For those that just don’t have the time to make or create things from scratch, Galan includes tons of information on saving money at the grocery store, stretching your gasoline to the maximum, or planning your next vacation. And throughout the book, she incorporates anecdotes of all her trials and tribulations in learning to keep her sanity and her family on a budget. At the end of the book, you’ll find blank pages to add in money saving tips of your own.

The New York Public Library recently hosted an appearance with author Ana Galan as part of its series of events at its Bronx Library Center. CLUB MOSAICO is excited to be the exclusive provider of HOW TO SAVE WITHOUT LOSING YOUR MIND. Right now you can choose 4 books for $1 each when you join. Not only can you find Galan’s latest book at CLUB MOSAICO but hundreds of other books in categories such as self-help, cookbooks, religion, and more. Visit for all the details today.


Tips for Saving Money Exclusively Available to CLUB MOSAICO