Research Finds Hispanic Beer Drinkers Value ‘Cold’ More than Any Other Consumer...

Research Finds Hispanic Beer Drinkers Value ‘Cold’ More than Any Other Consumer Group

Coors Brewing Company's cold activated bottle helps ensure a 'cold one' every time


Golden, CO–(HISPANIC PR WIRE – BUSINESS WIRE)–May 29, 2007–Research with Hispanic consumers has shown that “cold refreshment” is one of the most important characteristics of beer – more so with the Hispanic consumer than with any other consumer group. Using this cold insight, Coors Brewing Company’s new cold activated label helps ensure that every Coors Light bottle provides the cold refreshment that Hispanic consumers crave.

“The ‘cold standard’ of Hispanic consumers is colder than other consumer groups because the majority of Latinos come from countries or were born in areas of the U.S. with warmer temperatures and longer summers. The Coors Light and Coors Cold Activated Bottle helps ensure the coldest, most refreshing beer possible,” said Paul Mendieta, Marketing Director of U.S. Hispanic & Latin America for Coors Brewing Company.

“Our research shows that Hispanic consumers will go to many lengths to get the coldest beer possible, an insight incorporated into a new TV commercial introducing this product innovation. The label on Coors Light and Coors bottles features mountains in a Thermochromatic ink that turn blue when the beer has been chilled to the perfect temperature of about 42 degrees Fahrenheit or lower for ice cold refreshment,” he said. Mendieta added that the best part of the label outside the bottle is finding cold refreshment inside the bottle.

In addition, Coors Light will continue to bring cold excitement to the Futbol Liga Mexicana championship games. Coors will be part of this high profile and much anticipated game between America and Pachuca. The FLM Final game for the Mexican Soccer Crown will be telecast May 25 on Telefutura and May 27 on Azteca America (check local listings).

The Cold Activated Bottle is available on all 12-ounce Coors Light and Coors bottles at participating bars, restaurants, grocery, convenience stores and liquor stores. It is being supported with radio, out-of-home, retail promotions and point of sale materials, including a new television commercial showing different strategies for getting the coldest beer.

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Research Finds Hispanic Beer Drinkers Value ‘Cold’ More than Any Other Consumer Group