Juan Ramirez Foundation Is Formed

Juan Ramirez Foundation Is Formed


MOORESVILLE, North Carolina, July 8 /PRNewswire/ — Daisy Ramirez, Founder and President of Potencia Energy Drink, the fastest growing Hispanic energy drink in the USA, is proud to announce the formation of the Juan Ramirez Foundation. (Juanramirezfoundation.org)

Daisy, who recently lost her father in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, is determined to take all of the knowledge and perseverance her father instilled in her and turn this tragedy into a positive by helping others in need — especially the older and the very young. “I came to the USA less than 10 years ago searching and working hard toward the American Dream. After several hard years America has given me many opportunities and now is the right time to do this,” Daisy said. “Hopefully, America will help me on this initiative also,” she added.

Daisy has always been interested in and very motivated to help those in her native country by raising money and other specific items. Some of the first initiatives will be to partner with a local hospital or clinic to ensure good quality healthcare is available for seniors without options and to create a situation where compassion and healthcare are synonymous.

Secondary initiatives will be to collect used wheel chairs, eye glasses, good shoes, medical & personal necessities and some clothes and toys. We will then ship them to Honduras for distribution to the most needy.

The initial website is up and running and the Corporate documents are being processed. The Juan Ramirez Foundation will be applying for NOT For profit status.

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Juan Ramirez Foundation Is Formed