Discovery en Espanol the ‘Human Body: Pushing The Limits’ Reveals the Human...

Discovery en Espanol the ‘Human Body: Pushing The Limits’ Reveals the Human Body as You Have Never Seen it Before!!!

Prepare to be Awestruck by Your Own Body and the Wonders Within!


MIAMI, Dec. 3 /PRNewswire/ — We generally take our bodies for granted. Yet this complex machine that grew out of millions of years of evolution is as spellbinding as anything you can ever imagine. From the network that brought you the award winning series “Planet Earth,” comes yet another visually stunning spectacular “Human Body: Pushing the Limits,” which will have viewers looking at their bodies in new and astonishing ways.

This groundbreaking four part series, premiering on Discovery en Espanol December 15, 2008 at 9 p.m. ET/10 p.m. PT, brings together extraordinary computer generated visuals taking you inside real life individuals’ bodies via high-tech 3D imagery and astounding animation to experience the physical internal mechanics and magical inner workings that reveal how our bodies perform when pushed to the max.

How far can we go when life hangs in the balance? From desperate rescues, and life threatening situations, to medical breakthroughs, to everyday actions that test our capabilities, the “Human Body: Pushing the Limits,” clearly shows us that our bodies have more resources that we can ever possibly imagine. When pushed to the limit, we can see the superhero in all of us!

Episode Guide:

Episode 1: “STRENGTH” — Premieres Monday December 15 (8PM CT, 9PM ET, 10PM PT)

The human body is engineered for strength, power and endurance. Bone is sturdy as concrete but flexible enough to resist breaking and light enough to allow us to be quicker off the mark than a racehorse. Our muscles, ligaments and joints have far greater strength and endurance than we can imagine. This episode features extraordinary tales of human strength told with stunning see-through “anatomy in motion.”

— A young man is sucked up into a tornado, only to be spat out a quarter

of a mile away, still alive and unharmed. How is this possible?

— Pinned by a massive boulder, a climber finds the strength to lift it

off in a seemingly impossible muscular feat.

— A swimmer taps the remnants of our distant ancestors’ extraordinary

stamina to swim across the freezing waters of the English Channel in 14


Episode 2: “SIGHT” — Premieres Tuesday December 16 (8PM CT, 9PM ET, 10PM PT)

Sight is the king of the senses. More than 80 percent of what we know of the world comes through our eyes — without our sight we’re lost. The eyes of animals have special kinds of vision, but we as humans can do it all. Like no other animal on earth our vision can distinguish 10 million colors. In this episode, we reveal the inner workings of our visual system as they’ve never been seen before, vividly confirming that ancient human adaptations prove no less crucial in modern life. The astounding hidden powers in our eyes are brought to life via the real stories of individuals whose inherent yet extraordinary visual abilities are essential to keeping them alive.

— A patrolman relies on the power of sight as he risks his life in a

high-speed chase of a murder suspect. It is more than reflexes that

hang in the balance!

— A firefighter crawls through thick smoke in a burning building to seek

survivors using innate night vision and clues decoded by his brain’s

vision center.

Plus, discover how doctors may soon be able to plug a camera directly into the brain to possibly restore once lost vision.

Episode 3: “Brain Power” — Premieres Wednesday December 17 (8PM CT, 9PM ET, 10PM PT)

The driving force behind every one of us is the most powerful organ in the natural world: the human brain. Our central processing unit generates as many electrical impulses in a single day as all the telephones in the world combined. With new state-of-the-art imagery of this complex, mysterious machine, we reveal how our brain accelerates when faced with intense stress or danger, and taps into its deepest layers to unlock prehistoric survival instincts.

— Desperate firefighters, trapped by the intense heat of a forest fire,

find out how the brain can take charge without waiting for conscious


— A lone explorer, piloting a balloon over the Arctic, pushes himself to

the limits of sleep deprivation. It nearly costs him his life.

Plus, discover the extraordinary ways our brains can re-tune our system when starvation threatens, in order to extend life and how sleep and dreams can unleash unseen powers in our minds.

Episode 4: “Sensation” — Premieres Thursday December 18 (8PM CT, 9PM ET, 10PM PT)

Less than one-twentieth of an inch below the surface of the skin are the “antennae” that allow us to sense the world around us. This vital layer is the gateway to the original information superhighway, the nervous system. Millions of nerves carry sensations across the body and up to the brain at hundreds of miles an hour. But our nervous system also has abilities almost beyond imagining. Here is the story of the human body’s crucial communications network as never seen before. See it come to life through amazing stories of survival and practiced mental control:

— When a father and daughter are stranded without water in the scorched

Australian outback, a countdown to their death begins until their

nerves trigger hidden survival systems.

— Rapid response wiring in his body allows a Coast Guard helicopter pilot

to control his machine with amazing precision, even in storm-strength


— A life of intense training and mental discipline allows Shaolin monks

to endure powerful blows to their bodies without even blinking.

Plus, discover what exactly pain is, and how it may be crucial to keeping us alive.

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Discovery en Espanol the ‘Human Body: Pushing The Limits’ Reveals the Human Body as You Have Never Seen it Before!!!