Portada’s Latam Advertising and Media Summit: 8 Reasons to Attend

Portada’s Latam Advertising and Media Summit: 8 Reasons to Attend


MIAMI, May 12, 2011 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — Portada’s 2011 Latin American Advertising and Media Summit in Miami’s Marriot Marquis on June 1st and 2nd is fast approaching.

What to expect? A jam-packed day and a half with incisive research and analysis and meaty sessions with industry leaders. Plus plenty of networking time (including a “speed dating function”).

Star Speakers Include:

Belen Amatriain, Global Marketing Director, Telefonica

David Anon, Senior Director of Marketing–Latin America, Research in Motion

Adriana Mendizabal, Global Marketing Executive, Visa

Shanna Parra, Regional Marketing Manager, PepsiCo International

Alan Sokol, Partner, Intermedia Partners

Beth Uyenco, Global Research Director, Microsoft Advertising

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8 Key Reasons to Attend the Summit

1. The Brazilian Opportunity

Most Fortune 500 companies are making Brazil a key market for their growth strategies. Learn from top marketers and researchers about the opportunities and risks in marketing to the emerging Brazilian middle class.

2. New Research Findings on Latin American Internet User Behaviour

The implications for media planning and Buying. Group M and Microsoft Advertising will provide fresh data and new insights on online behavior.

3. Pay-TV can it grow more?

A behind the scenes look at a panregional media buy. Insiders tell us about the challenges they face in buying pay-TV.

4. Approaches to Panregional Marketing

Latin American Marketing lies between the poles of the centralized, multilocal and local models: What approach should marketers choose depending on which factors? The how’s and why’s.

5. Telefonica’s Latam Marketing Plans

Telefonica is a top 3 Advertiser in Latin America. Hear from Belen Amatriain, Global Marketing Director at Telefonica which products the Spanish telecommunications behemoth is going to be pushing over the next few years. How will the marketing, media planning and buying process be structured.

6. Country Focus – Mexico

Top-notch panelists will analyze how political and economic risks are impacting marketing plans. In addition, changes in the Mexican media markets and the interconnection between the Mexican and U.S. Hispanic markets will be explored.

7. Marketing Tablets, Smartphones and more…

How Nokia, Research in Motion and Sony are marketing to the emerging Latin American middle class.

8. Financing Ventures Targeting Global Latin Audiences

Do companies targeting global Latin audiences sit in front of opportunities that were not available before? What do ventures targeting Latin Audiences need to have to be attractive candidates for funding (VC/Private Equity)?


To register to the Summit, please call 1-800-397-5322 or register online at http://www.portada-online.com/conference/registration.aspx?cid=9


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Portada’s Latam Advertising and Media Summit: 8 Reasons to Attend