Want To Work Off That Thanksgiving Feast? Skip The Gym And GO...

Want To Work Off That Thanksgiving Feast? Skip The Gym And GO SHOPPING!

Mervyn’s makes it easy to save money and burn calories during day-after-Thanksgiving shopping


Hayward, CA–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–November 22, 2004–


Day-after-Thanksgiving shoppers don’t need to head to the gym to work off their holiday feasts. A simple trip to Mervyn’s can easily do the trick for those interested in burning off calories from the delicious turkey, stuffing, chicken tamales, pico de gallo and other holiday fixins’ consumed on Thanksgiving.

In fact, day-after-Thanksgiving shoppers can easily burn off 75% of their Thanksgiving meal with one trip to Mervyn’s.* Here’s how:

— Shoppers who wait in line two hours before the doors open – like many Mervyn’s shoppers are known to do – can burn off one serving of tasty chicken tamales (approx. 1 cup of tamales)

— To burn off one 4oz. glass of wine, shoppers need to arrive just 30 minutes before the store is “open, open, open.”

— Walking the store for one hour in search of the perfect holiday gifts burns off one roll with butter and one serving of tasty flan. (1 roll with 1 pat of butter, .5 cup flan).

— Trying on five Hillard & Hanson sweaters and six pairs of Levis jeans wipes out the delicious guacamole and pico de gallo (1 oz guacamole, ¼ cup pico de gallo).

— Sorting through the racks of winter fashions for 45 minutes burns off those satisfying beans (1/2 cup).

— By carrying two Mervyn’s shopping bags full of gifts and wrapping them, you’ll burn off that traditional Thanksgiving turkey (4 oz.).

— Pushing a cart full of holiday treasures for two hours burns off irresistible arroz con leche (1 cup).*

* Calculations based on the average 5’4”/150 lb. woman and conducted by Katherine Beals, PHD, RD, FACSM.

Mervyn’s invites the media to cover the day-after-Thanksgiving holiday shopping action at local stores. Reporters and camera crews are welcome to capture the flurry of activity inside and outside Mervyn’s stores during this busy holiday shopping day.

Please call Shari Austin at 510-727-3165 to coordinate media clearance


Friday, November 26, 2004 – Doors open at 5:30 a.m.


All Mervyn’s store locations – Visit http://www.mervyns.com for address information

States Include: Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Louisiana, Michigan, New Mexico, Nevada, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, Utah, and Washington.


— Shoppers lined-up early in the morning to be the first to receive a limited edition Santa ornament doorbuster, one month of free movies from Netflix with their $100 purchase, and fantastic 2-for-1 sale items (while burning off their Thanksgiving meals)

— Interview and photo opportunities with excited holiday shoppers and Mervyn’s team members

— Shoppers searching for and purchasing holiday gifts

— In-store holiday displays featuring signage with special early morning savings

— Early look at the hottest holiday items and biggest gift trends in your local market




Shari Austin

O- 510-727-3165

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Want To Work Off That Thanksgiving Feast? Skip The Gym And GO SHOPPING!